Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I * think * that ANC 5C voted last night to support the plan to have the McMillan site in a separate ANC from the remainder of Bloomingdale

I attended last night`s ANC 5C meeting held here in Bloomingdale.

At the tail end of the meeting, Commissioner Pinkey submitted a resolution titled ``Resolution on Redistricting and Designation of Six (6) Advisory Neighborhood Commissions WIthin Ward 5.`` I do not know if the full text of this resolution is posted anywhere.

It would appear that the resolution voted on and passed last night supports the plan to have Bloomingdale's McMillan Sand Filtration site in a separate commission -- a separate ANC -- than the remainder of Bloomingdale.

Perhaps one of the commissioners could weigh in and clarify.


Bloomingdale Resident said...

Here is a tweet -@MichaelHenders
Michael Henderson
#ANC5C motion to ask council to adopt Redistricting task force report passed #edgewooddc

This is so disappointing.

And I ask anyone who is interested in this issue to just glance at the DC Council site and look at Ward 5's report and then look at a few others. The Ward 5 report is just the list of map directions - nothing else. Most, but not all, contain some maps. Perhaps there is another report that is not on the Council site?

Jenifer said...

by putting the sand filtration site in a new ANC does that mean those of us left behind in old ANC won't have a say-so about what gets done with site?
Sounds like more same ole same ole DC politics at the expense of the resident, to me...

Holliday said...

Yes, the proposed redistricting plan that DC Councilman Harry Thomas is proposing would divide Bloomingdale into 2 ANC's, which would weaken the voices of Bloomingdale voters & make it difficult for residents to have a say in the development of the McMillan sand filtration site.