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the Real October Surprise! big tomato sales Sunday at the Bloomingdale Farmers Market

From: Robin Shuster 

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Subject: The Real October Surprise! Big Tomato Sales Sun BFM



Hi BFM friends, 

The Real October Surprise - and vetted by yours truly- is that Garner is having a blow-out Tomato seconds sale. 25 pound box/$20. Dana just emailed me to tell everyone.

So if like me you procrastinated in August to get a box, you have a reprise for making overnight, oven-roasted tomatoes to freeze or sauce to can or bloody mary mix or your own ketchup or salsa.
Call to reserve: 804-493-3013 Be sure to say the pick up is BFM Sunday

Thanksgiving is not so far away and Groff's Content is accepting reservations for their turkeys and Whisked says it is not too early to reserve your pies. And think about pumpkin ravioli too from Cucina. They are perfect for small feasts as I think many of us are doing.
New or Noteworthy

  • 18 different apples at Reid this week-- be sure to scroll down and read the list
  • 6 kinds of honey at Reid: wildflower, clover, buckwheat, blueberry blossom, apple blossom, raspberry blossom
  • Artic kiwi berries at Reid- very hard to grow and not many markets have them.
  • Sweet Potato Pie at Whisked
  • Halloween pumpkins at Garner and Reid -- big ones, little ones, gourds, pie pumpkins 
  • Green daikon radish at Garner
  • tender head lettuce and Fall kale back at Shenandoah
  • Last Call for Sunny Dills at Number 1 Sons but only if you pre order them today.
  • Black eyed peas at Garner-- not just for New Year's Day.  These cook very quickly. (Jeff adores them.)
  • Try out the new dumplings at The Chinese Street Market .

Be sure to ask for some interesting pumpkins to decorate your stairs and tables for Halloween.

Shenandoah Seasonal:  Ali says: "Tender French breakfast and cherry belle radishes are in this week. It will be the first cut of a new round of arugula and zesty salad mix. We will have a nice assortment of tender Fall head lettuce. Big fat carrots and really nice pink and green celery! Aso the first pick of our Fall Kale (finally!) Last week were were busy planting winter tunnels. It's always a hard decision to pull out tomato plants when they are still producing but frost has not hit yet! 

Whisked says: Sweet Potato Pie is in our Fall line up. ! It's easily my favorite time of year and we've got all the Fall favorites for you- Apple, Bourbon Pecan, Sea Salt Chocolate Chess and more.  It is not too early to place Thanksgiving Pre Orders starting NOW. Email:  Include the flavor, size, quantity and market pickup. We'll email you an invoice. Please be sure to pay for your pre order which you will pick up on Sat the 21 at 14&U FM or (Sunday at Bloomingdale Farmers Market)

6 Pack Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice, Hazelnut Swirl, Snickerdoodle, Pretzel Cowboy, Assorted, Flourless Mexican Chocolate (GF), VEGAN: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Blackout.   

Garners: Dana wants you to notice: Tomatoes are back and there is that great sale!  Greens, Mustard Greens, all the bunched kales, yellow squash, collards, cherry tomatoes, heirlooms, watermelon radishes and green daikon radishes

Sweet Potatoes. Salad mix. Sweet white salad turnips. Green beans. Butternut Squash and kabocha, spaghetti, delicata, honey nut. Corn. Peppers in various shapes and heat and colors, eggplants.  cherry tomatoes. Okra. Swiss chard, kales, various types of squash and zucchini, collard, tomatoes, loose onions, stir fry greens, Salad mix, lettuce mix, cabbages, cukes, garlic. Stone ground grits and cornmeal, hot pepper jelly.  Hot sauces. Some herb plants. blackberries. New potatoes. basil. Hot peppers: Anaheim, cayenne, Serrao, shishito, poblano, jalapeno, fresno, Tomatillos.  

Pumpkins, jack o lanterns, mixed gourds, jack b littles, pie pumpkings.

Robin says: The black eyed peas make a great soup, and turn the leftovers in refried beans!  Don't miss them - they cook very quickly and the stock is a good vegetarian base for other soups as well.- if you have any leftover.

Cucina Al Volo: Did you know Cucina Al Volo has both gluten free pasta and Vegan sauces? The Vegan sauces are the eggplant Norma (good with a strozzapreti shape), the Cherry Tomato which also doubles as a starter sauce if you want to add sauteed fresh vegetables and the Wild Mushroom is recommended with a porcini infused papardelle shape) The spaghetti is gluten free.
all is definitely pasta weather and isn't it great that you can go from freezer to table in less than 10 minutes? Unless you are heating up the lasagna. More than a dozen different freshly dried pasta, ravioli, and great sauces: pesto, lamb ragu, beef bolognese, cherry tomato, wild mushrooms, eggplant norma.

Or make your own sauce for a last minute pasta. 
1980s nostalgia? here's a contemporary version of that ubiquitous 1980s classic Penne alla Vodka, Creamy Fettucine with mushrooms. Marcus Samuelsson's unique and super creamy Mac and Cheese and Greens made with cream, butter, coconut milk, butter...and a pound of cheese. And collards (but you can use other greens too, Robin says). . Domenica Cooks offers us a Spaghetti al Limone which has that irresistible (to me) combo of lemon and cream.  

Number 1 Sons: Everything Fermented! Kimchi: Kicky and Sons. Pickles (cucumber kind): Half Sours, Crispy Koshers, Kicky Koshers, Super Sours, Gin Ginger, Sunny Dills, Honey Habaneros, Italian Giardiniera, Cider Masala Beets, Golden Beets, Szechuan Spears Kombuchas: Citrus Heat, Turmeric Tang, Original Ginger, Lavender Fizz. And the fabulous Salsa So Verde.

Panorama Bakery: French style bread and breakfast pastries. Demi French baguette, traditional artisanal baguette, Petit Rustique, challah, sourdough, walnut raisin sourdough, multigrain loaf, Honey-Wheat w/Oats, Walnut-cherry baguette, walnut-cranberry baguette, olive baguette, multigrain baguette, and pumpernickel boule. Croissants: butter, chocolate and raisins.

CHINESE STREET MARKET POPUP (AKA Those DUMPLINGS) Pre Order here by THURSDAY 10 PM for your East Asian handmade, flash-frozen dumplings, buns, shumai and more.  Ted is very keen on the beef and celery dumplings. Did you know that they spend hours toasting their peanuts.  Ted found out this week. Text at 202 596 6985 or email at Ask about their Dan Dan Noodles kit.

Reids Orchard and Winery:. Cider makes it Fall. UV processed Apple and Apple Grape cider to preserve the flavor. Honey Crisp cider. Pasturized Apple and Apple Cherry ciders. UV processed grape juice; seedless grape, concord grapes and so glad to see the apples. Hosui Asian pears. Red Bartletts. Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers in all colors, white potatoes, red potatoes. Small pumpkins, cooking pumpkins. Plant some of their fresh herbs to keep you going through the Fall. Honey. No sugar Apple butter. Pumpkin butter. No sugar Applesauce.

And the apples: Kathy says this: "Lots of our apple varieties are reduced in number this year due to the cold snap around Mother's Day so if you see an apple you would like to enjoy this year, don't wait til the next week - they might be gone.  New Apples this week: Virginia Beauty (heirloom, like a Stayman), Black Twig, Mammoth Black Twig." 

More apples: Honey crisp, Gala, Courtland, Early Fuji, Snow Sweet, Jonathan, Stayman, Crimson Crisp, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Autumn Crisp, Mustsu Crispin, Nittany, Granny Smith..  And probably some new other new ones this week as well.  They grow 75 varieties, you know. 

Groff's Content: lots of beef cuts, bacons, sausages, pork, chicken this week. And lots of different things to make bone broths and soup stocks if you don't buy theirs. Dog food too. Take home meals: Chicken enchiladas, Moroccan chicken, braised pork pazole.

King Mushrooms: Shiitake, maitake, cremini, portobello, exotic mix, lion's mane, king trumpet, chestnut and oysters. In other words, lots of choices. Don't forget that Hungarian mushroom soup-- for a great after market lunch.

See you Sunday. Stay well.
Robin and Ted

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