Sunday, November 22, 2020

final Bloomingdale Farmers Market of 2020 -- Sunday, 11-22-2020

From: Robin Shuster  
Sent: Sunday, November 22, 2020 12:01 AM
Subject: Last BFM of 2020

Hi BFM friends,

((Spead the word that we are now able to match all of SNAP -- that means we DOUBLE SNAP benefts. And we match all of WIC and Senior ))

I thought I would share some inspirations for your feast so that you have a wonderful, local Thanksgiving. Please stay safe and healthy.:


  • Best way to cook baked sweet potatoes?  Nik Sharma thinks so
  • Spicy brussels sprouts with pork belly and habaneros? Pati Jinich loves hers.
  • How to make silky soft and tender greens from Sohla Goes Off Script-- she goes really rogue with pre soaked pasta (what?!)
  • A new cauliflower and apple (with homemade Madras) curry soup from Patricia Wells.  Pretty too!
  • Sweet Potato Pie, Smoked Turkey and a self described "over the top"  Mac n Cheese from local
  • And for a make ahead that Jeff and I were thrilled with: Toni Tipton Martin's  sweet potato salad with orange maple dressing. NOT too sweet and gets even better after 24 hours in the fridge. It will liven up any dinner.
  • Potato Leek Gratin from Smitten Kitchen who has been making it for 11 years. Low fuss and easy with a simple cheffy tip: heat the cream with the garlic, thyme, salt and pepper for a few minuts before adding it to the spuds. If you do not have or like leeks, use a mix of onions and shallots.
  • How about October beans/Cranberry beans/Borlotti beans on the table next week?.  Joe Yonan is the king of beans. Also you should read his tips on bean cooking - some of what we thought were golden rules...are WRONG. (Yes, you can and shouold salt the water the beans are cooking in).
  • Sheetpans can be the way to go for smaller feasts.  The Washington post did a whole section of them Wednesday and some of them propose harissa turkey legs or sumac potatoes or even duck. Nor have they forgotten Vegetarians with a jewel like Persian style delicata squash with roasted carrots and broccoli (or broccolini)
  • And if you want to take a break, Puddin' owner, Toyin Alli, talks about her family traditions with Jonathan Bardzik: Hot Water Cornbread, Brown Butter Bourbon Bread Pudding, perfect plate of greens.

Stock up on your faves:  

Reid apples will last for weeks in the fridge in a thick plastic bag punctured with holes,  their ciders freeze well but remember to remove an inch or so for expansion when it freezes, Garner winter squash and sweet potatoes for months in a cool, dry closet or basement, Cucina Al Volo's pastas and The Chinese Street Market dumplings and stocks go right into the freezer, King Mushrooms has dried mushroomsNumber 1 Sons ferments stay a whole season in the fridge and their new hot sauces last for years.  Pano breadsshould be wrapped in aluminum foil and a freezer bag.  Kyle will tell you the best way to keep Swirly Girl Cheeses for a month.  So, yes, you can have your favorites with your for a long time after this weekend.

Whisked will have pies for you:  
"THANKSGIVING is upon us!  I’ll be bringing plenty of large pies to the market this weekend – even so, I’ll probably sell out. "
Think about Bourbon Pecan, Pumpkin and Apple Crumble....among their other faves.

6 Pack Cookies: Chocolate Chip, Salty Oatmeal, Molasses Spice, Hazelnut Swirl, Snickerdoodle, Pretzel Cowboy, Assorted, Flourless Mexican Chocolate (GF), VEGAN: Oatmeal Chocolate Chip, Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Blackout.  

Shenandoah Seasonal:  Ali says: "Baby greens: lettuce mix, arugula, peashoots. Bunched greens: Siberian kale (my favorite winter kale. It's rich in flavor and its leaves are amazing in a fresh or wilted kale salad). Rainbow chard, pink and green celery. Roots: frost-kissed carrots, Hakurei salad turnips, French breakfast radishe, cherry belle radish. Assorted head lettuce varieties: romaine, oak leaf and summer crisp. Asian greens: baby bok choi and if they size up, we will bring mizuna and ruby streak mustard bunches."

TIP: This week for Thanksgiving we will have plenty of celery, carrots and greens for everyone's table.

Reids Orchard and Winery:. Cider makes it Fall. UV processed Apple and Apple Grape cider to preserve the flavor. Honey Crisp cider. Pasturized Apple and Apple Cherry ciders. UV processed grape juice; seedless grape, concord grapes and so glad to see the apples. Hosui Asian pears. Red Bartletts. Heirloom tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers in all colors, white potatoes, red potatoes. Small pumpkins, cooking pumpkins. Plant some of their fresh herbs to keep you going through the Fall. Honey. No sugar Apple butter. Pumpkin butter. No sugar Applesauce.

More apples: Honey crisp, Gala, Courtland, Early Fuji, Snow Sweet, Jonagold, Stayman, Crimson Crisp, Golden Delicious, Macoun, Autumn Crisp, Mustsu Crispin, Nittany, Granny Smith, Black Twig, Aztec Fuji, Gold Rush and Rome. Pink Lady. Winesap.  And probably some new other new ones this week as well.  They grow 75 varieties, you know. 

CHINESE STREET MARKET POPUP (AKA Those DUMPLINGS) Did you know that one of Ted's other jobs is prep cook Supreme for Chinese Street Market?  He is wicked sharp and fast with his cleaver. Pre Order here THURSDAYS 10 PM for your East Asian handmade, flash-frozen dumplings, buns, shumai and more. Did you know that they spend hours toasting their peanuts? Text at 202 596 6985 or email at 

Dumplings: Pork and Chinese Celery, Chicken and Corn and Shiitake, Fish and Perilla and Tomato, Assorted Veggie and Tofu, Eggplant and Egg and Chinee Green pepper.

Noodles: Dandan Noodles, Beef Noodle Soup (Sichuan version, Picled Veggie Rice noodle Soup (Sichuan version) This is Vegan and gluten free. The broth is made of assorted mushrooms.

Garners: Dana wants you to notice: Brussels sprouts. Multicolored Cauliflowers. Napa Cabbage. Plus lots of greens. Turnip Greens, Mustard Greens, all the bunched Kales, Collards. Watermelon radishes and green daikon radishes. Peppers are great for Thanksgiving too.

Sweet Potatoes. Salad mix. Sweet white salad turnips. Butternut Squash and kabocha, spaghetti, delicata, honey nut. Corn. Peppers in various shapes and heat and colors, eggplants.  cherry tomatoes. Okra. Swiss chard, kales, various types of squash and zucchini, collard, tomatoes, loose onions, stir fry greens, Salad mix, lettuce mix, cabbages. Hot pepper jelly.  Hot sauces.  New potatoes. Hot peppers: Anaheim, cayenne, Serrano, shishito, poblano, jalapeno, fresno, Tomatillos.  

Cucina Al Volo: Fall is definitely pasta weather and isn't it great that you can go from freezer to table in less than 10 minutes? Unless you are heating up the lasagne. More than a dozen different freshly dried pasta, ravioli, and great sauces: pesto, lamb ragu, beef bolognese, cherry tomato, wild mushrooms, eggplant norma.

Number 1 Sons: Everything Fermented! Kimchi: Kicky and Sons. Pickles (cucumber kind):Daniel says the Half Sours are super tasty iteration this week- in Spears,. Crispy Koshers, Super Sours,  Honey Habaneros, Italian Giardiniera, Cider Masala Beets, Golden Beets. Gin Ginger Daikons made with Chinese 5-spice and chiles and Szechuan pepercornsKombuchas: Persimmon, Turmeric Tang, Original Ginger, Lavender Fizz. Krauts: Clean Kraut. Stinkin' Rye Kraut, Turmerine Kraut

Hot Sauces, get your hot sauces.....and they make great gifts too.

Panorama Bakery: French style bread and breakfast pastries. Demi french baguette, traditional artisanal baguette, Petit Rustique, challah, sourdough, walnut raisin sourdough, multigrain loaf, Honey-Wheat w/Oats, Walnut-cherry baguette, walnut-cranberry baguette, olive baguette, multigrain baguette, and pumpernickel boule. Croissants: butter, chocolate and raisins.

Groff's Content: lots of beef cuts, bacons, sausages, pork, chicken this week. And lots of different things to make bone broths and soup stocks if you don't buy theirs. Dog food too. Take home meals: Chicken enchiladas, Moroccan chicken, braised pork pazole.

King Mushrooms: Shiitake, maitake, cremini, portobello, exotic mix, lion's mane, king trumpet, chestnut and oysters. In orther words, lots of choices. Don't forget that Hungarian mushroom soup-- for an unusual Tday soup or a great lunch after market. Mushroom stuffing, anyone? Mushroom risotto? Mushroom lasagne?

See you Sunday. Stay well.
Robin and Ted