Saturday, June 12, 2021

agenda for the Tuesday, 06-15-2021, ANC5E virtual meeting

See the agenda of this Tuesday's ANC5E virtual meeting, which includes the following Bloomingdale-specific items:


16 Quincy Place NW, 
52 Quincy Place NW (Petit Scholars daycare), 
2304 North Capitol Street NW.

2405 1st Street NW (Mu Lambda House) 

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BCC said...

Those of us on the north side of Quincy Pl. NW are lucky since we can park behind our houses in the alley. Looks like the residents of the south side (even numbers) can forget about finding parking spots on the street. Between Maison Kesh and the daycare, what few options there are will shrink.

P.S. Of course the BCA voted to approve it. None of them live on the block or within 200 ft and none of them are affected.