Wednesday, May 23, 2012

BACA blog: the 3 ANC 5C commissioners from Bloomingdale vote to *support* the medical marijuana dispensary in Truxton Circle

See this post at the Bates Area Civic Association (BACA) blog on last night's ANC 5C vote on the proposed medical marijuana dispensary at 1334 North Capitol Street NW:

Posted on May 22, 2012
by mrgeovani

I am not copying in the entire blog post -- just the end of the post with the results of the actual vote taken by the twelve ANC 5C commissioners:

The ANC Vote – 12 ANC commissioners present
6 ANC commissioners opposed the application (voted to uphold majority of community opposition)
3 Bloomingdale ANC commissioners voted to support the application to operate the dispensary at 1334 N. Capitol St NW
3 ANC commmissioners abstained from voting
The motion to oppose the application passed. The interesting vote was from our friends and Bloomingdale neighboring ANCs. Maybe the vote in support indicates that Bloomingdale may be a welcoming neighborhood to the dispensary


  1. In all fairness, Commissioner Mueller (ANC 5C04) abstained and did not vote to support the Medical Marijuana Dispensary application. The third vote in support was from Commissioner Ransom of ANC 5C12

  2. So this site was approved even with the ANC voting against it.

    Four marijuana dispensaries approved