Monday, May 14, 2012

stolen bicycle from Flagler Place NW

See this 5/14/2012 message from a household on the 2100 block of Flagler Place NW:

 We witnessed and videotaped a bike robbery yesterday near us at 2100 Flagler Place NW. 

It started when we saw a bike coming into the alley behind Flagler with kids who we know have been in trouble recently and when we were taking a picture of that bike on the off chance it was stolen, a friend of theirs then brazenly stole a bike from our next door neighbor's yard. 

We were able to videotape it. We then gave the boys an hour to help return said bike and when they weren't able to do that, our neighbor called the police. The police then said they would canvass the area. Anyhow, the bike we originally photographed before the robbery which we saw again today is in the attached photo in case it does belong to someone.

The kid who stole the bike we actually know by the name of Ryan and he is in the neighborhood every day although he might be lying low for a while now. The bike he stole is very expensive. It is a "Surly", white mountain bike.

We will keep our eyes open and hope everyone else can too...


  1. hopefully you turned that video into the police? does it sound like they are going to question this kid(s)?

  2. We showed the video to the police but they didnt seem that interested in it for some reason. To my knowledge they have not questioned the other boys. I am sure the other boys can get in touch with this kid and/or know where he lives. We are waiting to hear from our neighbor if there have been any developments. But as of Sunday, the police filed a report and after seeing the video and getting the kid's first name, they said they would "canvas the area". That is it for now but I will keep updating here if I hear anything...