Friday, May 18, 2012

more Prince of Petworth: ? Spanish tapas coming to 1837 1st St NW; American pub coming to 1822 1st St NW ?

See this post from the Prince of Petworth, who keeps us informed.  Thanks again, PoP!

Bloomingdale Scuttlebutt: Spanish Tapas Restaurant and an American Pub Coming Soon?

Big scuttlebutt for Bloomingdale this morning. I hear that two long term vacant spaces have finally been leased. The first one is the yellow building right next to Rustik at 1837 1st St, NW – I hear a Spanish Tapas restaurant will be coming into that space. 

Perhaps more exciting is the scuttlebutt for the big yellow building at the corner of 1st and Seaton St, NW (1822 1st St, NW) that has long had massive potential. Well, I’m hearing it has finally been leased and an American Pub is on the way. It’s been tough to find out specifics but if either of these properties have finally been leased, it’ll be great news 
Oh yeah, I’m also hearing another restaurant is looking at a nearby space as well. Stay tuned…


  1. Yellow building?... I'll believe that when I see it.

    1. agreed. i used to live there, and we were promised a restaurant in 2006. only when food is for sale...