Tuesday, May 15, 2012

lost cat / Adams Street NW

Our cat, Etta, has been missing since late last week. She is an indoor cat and we believe she just slipped out the back door.
She is petite, black, with a white spot on her chest, and a clipped left ear (she was feral and we rescued her as a kitten - the WARL clips the ears of feral cats to indicate that they are fixed and have received shots).
Etta is relatively shy and not used to the outdoors. We hope she is likely still close by. We may have caught a glimps of her on the north side of Adams between 2nd and Flagler, but it was dark and we are not sure.
If you happen to see her or catch her, please contact Michelle at 202 then 669.4308 or at michellenwebster@gmail.com

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