Thursday, May 03, 2012

Verizon FiOS coming to LeDroit Park

See this news from LeDroit Park resident and ANC 1B01 Commissioner Myla Moss:

Verizon is bringing its state of the art communications network, FiOS, to LeDroit Park.. To do this a new utility poles is planned. Verizon will place these poles on streets and in alleys where poles already exist. District Department of Transportation (DDOT) has asked Verizon to contact the Single Member District (SMD) who represents the area to inform you ahead of time about the plans to place poles.

New poles are required at the rear of 1853 3rd St NW. This new pole will be placed in public space in the right of way. It should be noted that should the pole be disallowed, it is highly likely that FiOS will be unavailable for the 1849-1857 block of 3rd St NW.


  1. I really really hate comcast do we have any idea when they will actually start offering FIOS in the area?

  2. OMG Finally so Myla can you get them to do Bloomingdale too! Bye bye Comcast!

  3. I would really like the much faster broadband connection too! right now we have Verizon DSL and it's not exactly much of Ledroit park will they do and does that include any of "bloomingdale"... does anyone know?