Monday, May 21, 2012

"suspicious woman"

See these two message from Bloomingdale residents:

From a household on the 100 block of W St NW:

There is a heavy set woman, about 40-50 years ago , black, she walks slowly and asks for money, usually a dollar, so she can buy something to eat. She frequents the homes around the Flagler Market at W and Flagler Place NW.   She often knocks on doors from 9-11 PM. If you answer the door and turn her away, she often knocks over a plant or pot on the front porch. Don`t answer the door and don`t say anything. She will just quietly walk away.  She says that she lives on the 100 block of Adams ST NW but I don`t know if that is true.


From a 1st St NW resident:

She`s been in the neighborhood for a week or so, wandering up and down first street begging money in different states of fu**ed-up-ed ness. 

She was out of her mind on Thursday afternoon begging for two dollars from every person she came within a block of.

When she came to me I politely said ``I`m sorry ma`am``, as I always do when a clearly  messed up person is begging money. I then walked down to the corner of first and rhode island to catch a cab. 

She eventually made it down to where I was.

She tried again.. ``You said you ain`t had no money but now you taking a cab....`` and then she said most of the same things that were mentioned below...that she was hungry, homeless, please give her money etc.  I again said I was sorry but I wasn`t going to give her money. She then  turned on a dime and became vicious and threatening. She pushed me, she said I was a bitch, that she wasn`t going to let me get in a cab until I gave her some money. 

A second later a cab pulled up and she blocked the door. When I asked her to move she said no.  When the cab driver got out of the car to try to help, she used the opportunity to try to punch me in the face. She was pretty out of it so I  was easily able to push her away and she only grazed my cheek.  Mr Abeje and another young man came running out of Windows.  It seemed the young man knew the woman and yelled at her in a familiar way asking what the hell she was doing and  if she had lost her mind.  This seemed to shame or startle her out of her crazy rage for a minute. I took the opportunity to jump in the cab and we drove away. 

Later that night I asked a neighbor who has lived in Bloomingdale forever if he knew who this lady was? He said that her sister used to live on first street near Bates but that sister had died a little while ago and that she`s a crack addict.   Dear Neighbors...Be for-warned...give this sad soul a wide berth and keep 911 on speed dial.


Joe said...

We have seen her on Flagler Pl recently. She threatened one neighbor after he declined her and she flew into a fit of rage and threatened to get her 45 at at home. I also watched her ask someone if they knew where she could buy crack and then beg another neighbor for money so she could "buy crack." She literally said that to justify the request.

Unknown said...

She was walking down Flagler again yesterday in the late afternoon begging for money. Her reason she needed money this time was for her HIV medication so it seems she comes up with a new story each time. She definitely seemed out of it but thankfully I didn't see her go into a rage at anyone (probably because someone actually gave her cash). She also recently knocked on our door at 10 pm at night to ask for money. I find this pattern very disconcerting and scary, especially knowing now that she has threatened people and become violent.

jbcarron said...

I live on the 2200 block of Flagler and she knocked on my door one night asking for money. It was after 10 PM. I did not open the door to my vestibule, I told her from a distance "Sorry" in response to her request for money. I later saw her sitting on the stairs of a house on Adams street on the north side of the street and have seen her squatting outside the Flagler Market a few times. I intend to call the police in the future. I have heard from one neighbor that she became combative when he said "no" to her request for money. As described above, she is a heavy set black woman with gray hair and walks slowly. I would recommend calling 911 should you see her. I know I will in the future, especially now that I hear additional unfortunate stories.

jeff + jasmin said...

Prior to all this information, I made the mistake of giving her $5 on two occasions in the past 7 days. I felt sorry for her, thinking she needed the money for food, as she requested. I took her less to be a drug addict, thinking she was homeless or living in poverty. I did tell her last time that it wasn't going to be a habit (giving her money).

DC Belle on Wheels said...

She told my husband that she was addicted to crack and spends every dime she gets on it. He didn't engage as he was busy loading my wheelchair into our car.

Carrie said...

This woman was arrested yesterday (5/26) on Rhodes Island across from Boundary Stone. She had been wandering the area around the intersection of First and Rhodes Island and becoming aggressive with people when they refused to give her money. My boyfriend and I passed her on First about 30 minutes before she was arrested. When we didn't give her money, she shouted at me 'If he weren't with you, I'd steel your G** D*** pocket book!" About 30 minutes later, she was wandering down Rhodes Island when a cop car drove up and arrested her.

L. Pull. said...

She was back around 1st and W today, asking for two dollars. I've seen her a bunch of times before and she's never gotten angry with me for not giving her cash--but admittedly, I keep a rather wide berth.