Friday, May 04, 2012

robbery list

Hi Bloomingdale!  It`s been a week now since our house was broken into and burglarized.  Our door is repaired, locks are changed and slowly recovering.  One thing that seems like a great idea would be to look around at pawn shops and online and on the street for what was taken. 
Since our house only has four pairs of eyes, I thought it would be more effective to put it out there to all you kind souls in case you all saw anything that might be ours. 
Please let me know at gracy.obuchowicz @ if you see anything or have any ideas. A big thank you from all of us!

Three computers (one new Macbook Pro in silver, one older Macbook Pro in silver and an older Dell)

Two bicycles (one maroon Free Spirit with chipped paint and a silver basket padlocked onto it and one red mountain bike)

 Camera equipment (1 Canon 5D Mark I SLR camera, one Canon 24-70mm lens, one Canon 100mm lens, one Canon 50mm lens, one Canon flash (all in a Canon backpack), one Leica M6, one external hard drive)

 Two jewelry boxes (one mostly filled with artisan earrings from Latin American/Africa, the other a silver square box with a colorful peacock inset (from India) with assorted earrings, necklaces, rings, and bracelets, mostly in silver, some diamonds, including an antique jade ring with gold band) 

One Lexmark printer


Adam said...

Hi Gracy, Our place was also one of the houses hit by this recent string of break-ins. I have been trolling Craigslist for my stuff (to no avail right now)... but I found a cool tool to "watch" what is posted based on a few keyword searches. Think of it as a Google Alert for Craigslist. Go here to create:

It sucks to have your home broken into, but if we all band together we might be able to make an arrest. There are certainly some commonalities from all the comments submitted on this blog about the suspicious people. Keep an eye out for light skinned, 18-19 year old, with shoulder length dreds. May have 2 "friends" with him.


Bloomingdale Resident said...

My vacuum was an Electolux - the floor sweeper type with a built in hand vac. When it was stolen, it was still in the box.

Also, a Bluetooth hands free device that clips on the car visor - pretty sure it was a Motorolla.

And if anyone who saw what happened at First and Seaton on Sunday with the guy trying to sell a vacuum, I would love to hear from you. Haven't got much info from MPD except to say there was no arrest and they don't have my vacuum.


Julia said...

Hi Adam. This is Julia, one of Gracy's roommates. Just wanted to check in to see if you have had any success locating your things or finding any other clues... I've been looking on Craigslist as well with no luck.