Thursday, May 10, 2012

SUV parked in a rear parking pad on the 100 block of Adams Street NW broken into, items stolen

One of my upstairs neighbors just let me know what her car was broken into on Tuesday night on the parking pad behind our house at 1xx Adams St NW. 

They picked the lock on the back door (it's an SUV) and took her navigation system and iPad. 

Not sure if there's been a pattern of this in the area recently, but I wanted to share


Brett said...

On S St, between 2nd & 3rd, somebody was able to get in my car and a neighbor's. We both thought we left a door unlocked, but it now seems like the perp broke in somehow.

Jenifer said...

oh no, this looks like a new run of thievery in the neighborhood... along with the break-ins....what is MPD5 doing?

Matt Fabian said...

We had a GPS stolen out of our glove box near 1st and Thomas. We always lock the doors so they must have used a slim-jim. Based on similar accounts, it sounds like someone is randomly breaking into cars and stealing any valuables they find.

melissa said...

My car was broken into twice. Stole GPS and I purchased another and then they stole that one. They broke into my truck took off with my golf clubs but my ,neighbor heard them and they dropped them in the alley. SO I was able to recover them. My neighbor seemed to think the theives were boys who lived on Byrant Street. All items were tucked aways so it was not because they saw the items.