Tuesday, May 01, 2012

new thread on neighborhood basement break-ins

Here is another unfortunate report of a neighborhood basement break-in:

My husband and I moved to the neighborhood  -- near 3rd and R Streets NW – a few weeks ago.  Yesterday (Monday, 4/30/2012),  we arrived home around 4:30 pm to find our house broken into -- it sounds very similar to some other reports on the neighborhood blogs. 
In short, the basement door was kicked in, and items taken include 2 silver macbook laptops and 2 bikes (along with some smaller items).  If neighbors could be on the lookout for these items, that would be much appreciated.  The bikes in particular are quite distinctive  -- one is a black LeMond road bike (Buenos Aires model), and the other a darker green Rocky Mountain touring bike (Sherpa model).


  1. I made a report to the non-emergency police about a young man last night who was riding a bike repeatedly around Bloomingdale Ct (between 1st and Flagler, U and V Streets NW). He was stopping to talk on his phone, looking at the back yards of houses, and wouldn't respond to me when I said, and waved, hello. Young man, 20 yrs old or younger, light skinned black, dread locks to his shoulders. Just an fyi.

  2. We also had a basement break-in at 47 V St. NW:

    Last Wednesday (April 25) at approx. 2pm our basement door was kicked in and 3 silver Macbooks, one Sony laptop, and two of my hard drives containing all of my photography from the past several years were stolen. One neighbor saw three teenage boys running around in the alley. They dropped a backpack and then came back for it. She said they looked to be between the ages of 13 and 17. A neighbor on V St also saw the same boys run down V.

    The detective has not been in contact with us yet, and I'm afraid they have no leads. How can we pressure them to move forward on these cases?

  3. From a 1st Street NW resident:

    Add another burglary to add to the list.

    Fortunately, just my garage, not the house, was burglarized, probably during the night Sunday. Rummaged through my car and got some cash- my CDs were not up to standard, I guess. (Who doesn`t love the soundtrack to The Full Monty?!?) Looks like my brand, new, still in the box, vacuum is gone - thank God I got the cheap one and not the Oreck.

  4. Police arrested a guy on the street trying to sell a brand new vacuum cleaner on 1st & Seaton Pl.

  5. He was walking up and down on seaton place asking people if anybody wants to buy a new vacuum cleaner, and somebody must've been called the police. so he arrested on Sunday afternoon at 1st and seaton place. It was on sunday afternoon, if this info will help?

  6. Are you kidding me?!? One block from my house. Thanks. I will check with MPD5. If that was my vacuum, that means he came into the garage while I was in and out of the house, just for a few minutes. Glad I didn't run into him in the dark garage and have a heart attack.

  7. We had a bike stolen off my front porch on Sunday. Again, three teenage boys. I saw the one kid in the act., skinny, about 5'10 5'11, oval face, medium black skin, wearing a doo rag, dark pants, v neck shirt. Gave a description to police. I would have caught him had it not been for my front door that sticks! I live on the 2200 block of North Capitol.

  8. I had the back door of my basement apartment on the unit block of Seaton Place, NW, kicked in last Tuesday, 4/24/12, around 6:30pm...luckily, my conscientious neighbor was out on his back deck and saw the 2 (teenage) boys leaving with my TV and called the cops...the boys stowed the TV behind some of the rubble in the abandoned building lot that faces N. Capitol, presumably to come back and retrieve later, so fortunately I got that back...but they place was ransacked...and then my upstairs neighbor had his bike stolen from the backyard this past Monday night...

  9. Citizen -

    Not having very good luck with MPD5- seems they do not have a record of a vacuum cleaner.If you have any more info you could share, you can email me directly- my gmail is bloomingdame. Thanks.

  10. here is a picture of the stolen Rocky Mountain Bike... if anyone sees... please respond to these comments.


  11. I saw a car -- old white (very unshiny paint!) four-door Nissan-type car filled with about 4 young men, the driver with dreadlocks crawling the alley behind 1st NW, 2200 block this morning (8:10 am, Thursday May 3). As soon as they saw me watching them they zoomed off really fast ( I think they were hovering in the alley, engine running, watching people leave for work perhaps). The plate was DC "AZ-2805". If anyone knows these as neighbors, ignore this. However, I think they were acting suspiciously and I have never seen these guys or this car around here before. I called MPD 5 who chewed me out as I didn't report it right when I saw it but only about an hour later when I got to work.

  12. Our basement apt at 1st and Seaton NW was robbed on Thanksgiving 2011 during the day. They kicked in the door, stole the TV, 1 mac, my bike, and an ihome. It seems like the trend is getting worse...

  13. See this 5/10/2012 post at the MPD-5D list by Fifth District Commander Andy Solberg:

    From: ``Solberg, Andrew (MPD)``
    To: ``MPD-5D @ yahoogroups.com``
    Sent: Thursday, May 10, 2012 11:38 AM

    The area along the North Capitol Street corridor has recently seen an increase in daytime burglaries. These occur most frequently during work hours, when residents are most likely to be at work.

    As burglars and other criminals obviously want to conceal their activities, they will go where they think they are least likely to be seen by neighbors, pedestrians, motorists, delivery drivers, home repair people, construction crews, and so on: they will go into the alleys and try to enter houses in the rear. This is by far the most common entry point in all residential burglaries.

    It is also why we continue to ask that those mentioned above call 911 EVERY TIME you see, hear, or feel something suspicious, or when you THINK you see, hear, or feel something suspicious.

    If you see someone who you do not know walking in an alley behind your or a neighbor`s home, call 911.

    If you hear glass breaking or any loud noise, call 911. What I mean by this is: as a burglar breaks a kitchen window on a rear patio or balcony, you will probably hear one loud breakage of glass. Sometimes, when we hear one such noise, we assume someone nearby dropped a glass or bottle and it broke, and we ignore it. Most burglars will not break two or more windows to get into a home, and therefore if you hear one sound of breakage, it may be someone trying to get into a home. So call us and we`ll come and check it out.

    In a similar manner, if a burglar is trying to enter a rear basement or patio door, you may feel through a shared wall a rumble or other disturbance. Most burglars will be able to enter a back door with a strong kick, especially given the lack of real security features (deadbolt locks which are long and strong enough to withstand a heavy blow, reinforced door framing, locked security or screen doors, and so on) on most doors. Therefore, if you feel a rumble or disturbance through a wall, call 911 and let us come and investigate this.

    While we at 5D have stepped up our activity in the areas in PSA 501 and 502 which are seeing an increase in burglaries, in many cases a call from a concerned neighbor will be the most important break we get. In a recent case, a person called 911 to report seeing a man standing in a rear yard smoking a cigarette while two other men who he was with disappeared from view. We came quickly and made an arrest and developed critical information that led to a drastic reduction in the burglaries in this area. This is exactly the type of ``lucky break`` for us that can make a huge difference in a community`s safety. However, it was not a lucky break; it was a concerned resident making his community safer.

    Andy Solberg
    Commander, 5D

  14. Another pair of thefts today, this one at both upper and lower apartments over at our house on first and U. Word to the wise: if you don't have bars on your back door, harass your landlord until you get them. If you do, use them.


  15. Our house at 3rd and P has now been broken into twice - once before we moved in when nothing was in the house, and now on Sunday, May 22nd around 8:45 PM. They were definitely watching us when we stowed two brand-new bikes in the basement and then when we left the house to go to dinner. They kicked in a basement window at the back of the house and were inside for about 15 minutes. They made off with the two road bikes, a silver Mac laptop, a black Mac laptop, and an iPad, plus a few random chargers.

    I hope whoever the police caught yesterday are the responsible parties, but we're not taking any chances. Please, everyone, continue to keep an eye and ear out for these break-ins.