Wednesday, May 16, 2012

garage broken into; scooter stolen

See this message from a 2nd Street NW resident:

  i`m sad to report that i`m adding myself to the ranks of the burgled and abused in ledroit park / bloomingdale. this evening i came home to find my automatic garage door forcibly opened (and now broken), and my scooter stolen. i`ve reported the theft to the police.

  just in case, the scooter is a cobalt blue 2005 (vespa) piaggio typhoon, with a blue scooter trunk on the back. the most distinctive thing about the scooter is that the rear tail-lights are literally hanging off the bike, on wires, unsuccessfully wrapped in black duct tape.

  if anyone hears anything, please contact me at hoerrner @ gmail . com


Margot said...

UPDATE: i got a call from MPD last night, and they found my scooter in anacostia, driven by a young teenage boy. they made an arrest. although my scooter will be returned, i'm going to sell it, because i don't want the hassle of my garage being potentially broken into again.

Kerry said...

Don't give up something you love and that is likely a convenience for you because of a onetime event. I'd recommend you taking steps to enhance the security of your garage and keep the faith that Bloomingdale is closer to the place we'd hope it would become than that which we found when many of us moved in. I've got to tell you that I've made some improvements (security devices, cameras, and fortifications) and they've made a huge difference just in dissuading folks from taking advantage and breaking into something appearing 'easy' to gain entry to. While I can understand your frustration, I couldn't imagine not living with a bike that I use every day and that I find incredibly convenient so think about it and when the dust settles make a decision on a clear head...

Yours in building a better (and eventually BEST) Bloomingdale!

Jenifer said...

I agree with Kerry above. Don't let these thieves change your life. You got your scooter back which is more than some folks have after being robbed. MPD seems to be doing a better job than they used to (when stuff got stolen it used to be you never saw it again and at least MPD5 answers its phone!). So, upgrade your security and commit to being here for the long haul and call in ANYTHING suspicious to 911. These thieves will be caught!

melissa said...

Yea my car has been broken in twice. Two times my GPS was stolen. It was out of plain sight. These kids are coming into neighborhoods where they believe they can steal these items. Things have gotten better. I have lived in this neighborhood since 1995 when I was a student at Howard and I can tell you stories. So things are going to continue to get better. Change takes time.