Monday, November 18, 2013

158 Bryant St NW -- with a pop-up -- now on the market

See the latest pics taken today of 158 Bryant Street NW, recently renovated including a third-story pop-up:

What do you think?




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Todd said...

Well not nearly as egregious as the Flagler one...but still it looks cheaply executed to me. And the angle of the "mansard roof" seems off to me. In any event, all the others are going to have to follow suit because otherwise, it's going to look bad.Again siding. Horrible.

This also makes another important point: this is done by a developer--just like the "Ella" super popup on V street. This is a money making thing done as cheaply as's not about a homeowner exercising their rights and building out their home. Developers/speculators will snap up all sorts of properties and do the same thing until there are rules in place to counter this sort of activity. It will be done as cheaply as possible. It can happen VERY quickly. Strap on your seatbelts....esp. the Easternmost side streets with Federal style architecture (Adams, Bates, Channing W).... i wager that by next summer there will be 15 more of these on those streets.