Wednesday, November 20, 2013

WaPo: "Growing pains test residents in Brookland"

Bloomingdale residents might wish to read this Washington Post item from nearby Brookland.

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Growing pains test residents in Brookland

By Clinton Yates, Updated: 

On the surface, Brookland is one of the city’s most integrated and harmonious communities. Middle to upper income blacks and whites live alongside lower income residents and a largely white population of college students. The leafy Northeast enclave was described in The Post recently as a place that “prides itself in its diversity and amity.”
So when Tony Tomelden thought of opening a neighborhood establishment on 12th and Jackson Streets in the tree-lined neighborhood, he stayed close to home. The way he saw it, his restaurant, which he would call Brookland’s Finest Bar & Kitchen, could be a community watering hole where young families bring their kids for a bite and a beer while transforming the existing vacant building from a persistent eyesore to a gleaming new restaurant.
“I got three kids right here. I want a place where my friends and I can go, with my kids and have some dinner. We’re not looking to open a rock club or lounge,” said Tomelden. “Or anything loud. I’m getting closer to 50 than anything else.”
But for neighbor Jeanna Cullinan, Tomelden’s plan was over the top: to her it sounded like the place would host a non-stop party. Indeed, the owners were seeking a license allowing them to serve alcohol from 8 a.m. until last call.
“I love my street, I love being able to sit out here in my night clothes. I love having a pretty calm street. In a way, I don’t want that to change,” Cullinan, a graduate student said.  “I’ve worked in bars and restaurants all my life and I just don’t want to live across from a party bar.”

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Citizenalpha said...

"At the time, the owners of the bar accused protestors of unfairly protesting their liquor license by passing out fliers saying that restaurant owner D’Maz Lumakanda’s ”apparel is that of the Nation of Islam.” The protestors also said that the bar would be nothing short of a frat party every night. "