Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Mat Bader is soliciting feedback on the under-development McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) website

See this request from Bloomingdale resident Mat Bader:

I am writing to solicit feedback from the community with respect to the McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) website: 


This site is being developed the support the goal of the newly formed MAG Communications Committee. My intention for the site is to publish factual information about the MAG, the McMillan site itself, any current plans for development, and contractual information with the city; along with any other information that people would care to see. The intention for this site is not to reflect opinions regarding the plan for development, either for or against.

To support this goal, and have this site be useful, I need to hear back from folks in the community. Whenever you have a moment, please take a look over the site and email any comments/feedback to me at mathew.bader@gmail.com.

Mathew Bader
BCA MAG Representative

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