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DPW: supercan, trash container, recycling container replacement info

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Supercan, Trash Container and Recycling Container Replacement
Each household will receive a new trash and recycling container.  After new containers are delivered, residents will be given the option of placing a sticker on any container that they would like it to be taken away.  Older containers will be recycled and I’m assuming new ones will get new homes.  We will assume that residents wish to retain any trash or recycling container that does not have a sticker on it.

A more specific delivery schedule will be announced at a later date.

January – March
All households with once a week trash collection will receive a new supercan (same size)

March – April
All households with supercans (once per week trash collection) will receive a larger recycling container (old = 32-gallon, new = 64-gallon)

May – June
All households with twice per week trash collection will receive new trash containers (same size = 32-gallon)

June – July
All households with twice a week trash collection will receive a larger recycling container (old = 32-gallon, new = 48-gallon)
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