Friday, November 22, 2013

1st and Rhode Island Ave NW: among the list of intersections where traffic cameras "will ticket cars for endangering pedestrians and bikers, blocking intersections"

Bloomingdale's 1st and Rhode Island Avenue NW intersection is on the list!

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DC StreetSafe: Intersection Speed
You can’t actually get a ticket for speed walking through the office, but you can for speeding through an intersection. The MPD is now using automated safety enforcement to reduce these violations.
Speed is a contributing factor in one-third of all traffic fatalities. Driving at the posted speed saves lives. An adult pedestrian hit by a car going 20 miles per hour (mph) has an 80 percent chance of living.  If the car is going 40 mph, there is more than 80 percent chance that the pedestrian will be fatally injured.
Intersection speed cameras use the same radar technology as the District’s existing enforcement units to detect the speed of passing vehicles. The District does not use time/distance to determine speed.

Camera Locations

The MPD has a total of 24 Intersection Speed camera units.
Intersection Speed Unit Locations
LocationDirection of TravelPolice District
Rhode Island Avenue @ 1st Street, NWSouthwestbound5
Read this Washington City Paper item that explains it:

New Traffic Cameras Will Ticket Cars for Endangering Pedestrians and Bikers, Blocking Intersections

If, hypothetically speaking, there were a war on cars in D.C., the battlefield just got a little trickier for drivers.
The Metropolitan Police Department announced today that it will install automated traffic enforcement cameras throughout the city that will ticket drivers for offenses like not stopping for pedestrians at crosswalks and not stopping at stop signs.
The DC Street Safe campaign targets aggressive driving that endangers pedestrians and cyclists—and the cameras officially turn on tomorrow. (Only warnings will be issued for the first month or so, with fines starting on Dec. 30)
The cameras will use video analytic and radar technology and will also catch cars speeding through intersections and blocking intersections or crosswalks.
Tickets for failing to yield to a pedestrian or blocking a crosswalk will be $250. Not coming to a complete halt at a stop sign will cost drivers $50. If drivers feels they were ticketed in error, they can contest the fines.
In case drivers are still confused about what's legal and what's not, MPD has produced a few goofy, intensely acted videos to explain the program. Watch the rest of the videos, and see where the cameras will be located, right here.

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