Monday, November 25, 2013

Washington Firehouse Restaurant ABRA protest hearing -- community meeting -- Tuesday, 11/26/2013

From the Bloomingdale Action List -- from Bloomingdame:

Neighbors -

Meeting to discuss the protest for the Washington Firehouse on Tuesday.

Found this in my mailbox. Not sure if everyone got a copy, or if they were just distributed to the people who signed a protest, so I will share with all of you.

Please note that there are five active protest groups for the Firehouse ABRA application, and this was written by one person, so it may not reflect the thoughts of all residents who are protesting.



John W DC said...

"The total capacity will be 398. If valet parking is offered, it will only cover a portion (e.g. 150). Where will the other 248 patrons park?".

This makes a ton of incorrect assumptions. That the reastaurant will be at capacity. Everyone will have driven there. Everybody will drive their own car with no passengers. That's just absurd. Look at the Columbia Heights shopping center. They built a ton of parking nobody uses because people don't drive there. It would be interesting to ask what % of Red Hen's patrons actually drove to the restaurant. There are reasonable requests, like no live music until 3am, and unreasonable requests like asking for parking spaces for every possible patron within an establishment.

jrkinsella said...

This neighborhood has plenty of "loitering and littering" as it is. What this establishment will bring is tax revenue and jobs. Would they rather that building stay vacant and crumbling? Would they rather it become another liquor store or carry out? How about they just tear it down and build another condo. They should be good neighbors but I think this protest is ridiculous.

Citizenalpha said...

It'll be worthwhile to attend the meeting to show support.

mona said...

Here is a link to the firehouse facebook page clarifying some of the accusations

Looks like a lot of this protest know the word.