Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Mid City East: DDOT Livability Study released (task assignment: go look at it)

From: DC Office of Planning and District Department of Transportation
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Subject: Mid City East: Livability Study Released


Mid City East: DDOT Livability Study Released

The District Department of Transportation's Mid City East Livability Study has just been released and is available online.

The DDOT Mid City East Livability Study (PDF) addresses the day to day transportation challenges residents, workers and visitors in the several neighborhoods of Mid City East face in meeting their daily needs. The purpose of the plan is to enhance community access and circulation (e.g. walking and bicycling) for residents of all ages and abilities, protect local streets as the “home zone” of neighborhoods and communities; and provide opportunities in the public rights of way to celebrate community identity and place.

Collaboration with local residents, community leaders, and agency partners, focused the study on four primary objectives:
  1. Link the communities across the major arterials.
  2. Reconnect the communities to the larger city.
  3. Reclaim minor streets and corridors from commuters and restore them to community needs and character.
  4. Increase resiliency to flooding and other climactic effects.
Comments on the plan may be directed at Gabriela Vega, Planner, District Department of Transportation (

The District Department of Transportation's Mid City East Livability Study is available online for download at

About Mid City East:
The Mid City East Initiative is a joint effort of the Office of Planning (OP) and District Department of Transportation (DDOT) to holistically plan for transportation, commercial revitalization, redevelopment, historic resources, sustainability and parks and open space.
For more information, please visit our project website at, or contact:

Chelsea Liedstrand
Office of Planning
Small Area Plan Project Manager

Gabriela Vega
District Department of Transportation
Livability Study Project Manager
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Todd said...

This is sort of a let down. Does very little to improve the N. Capitol streetscape (other than at the major intersections or resolve the issue of N. Capitol essentially being in urban highway cutting thru our neighborhoods. I see that they paid lip service to the idea of N. Capitol as the gateway to the capital, but other than a few quotes i really see nothing that would actually make N. Capitol more beautiful or less of a noise/traffic/pollution issue. I don't understand why they haven't considered N. Capitol as a major streetcar route...connecting Brookland, Stronghold, Catholic/Trinity, Bloomingdale, Eckington, Truxton Circle, Sursum Corda and Noma down to H street union station area. I know they SAY that's because N. Capitol is a evacuation route. That's total BS because if you have ever been north of the clover leaf at rush hour, unless there is some secret escape route that i don't know about, the entire thing bottlenecks up there near the Veterans home and you can spend all day in traffic up there. Very ineffective as an evac. route i would say. So let's be serious. Why don't they want to invest in N. Capitol???