Thursday, April 06, 2006

another article about eckington

a post article about the conflict in eckington. more here

I did read that St Martins conceded to a mixed income approach, but that info is shakey, as they keep refering to a mixed income "neighborhood" rather than a mixed income "development". more here

that and this article about the "racial tension" on h street make me think the Washington Post is going the way of the Washington City Paper. And for the Record, Clifton Humphries, owner of the H Street Martini Lounge was serioulsy misquoted and misrepresented in the article. It seems to be the opinion of a few H street area denizens that Paul Schwartzman, that "journalist" approached the article with the agenda of division.
read the comments here

Can we get local news without sensationalism anywhere?

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The Libertarian Republican said...

Today is May 11 and I just bought a copy of the April-May 2006 issue of StreetSense, the D.C. paper run by the homeless.

They plug your blog in reference to the huge proposed St. Martin project on T Street by quoting two individuals who are in favor of the project. But I checked out your posts and the commentors are largely against the project (in fact I can't find the posts cited in the Street Sense article).