Monday, April 10, 2006

a homeless shelter near a school???? say it aint so

here is an article in the post concerning the building of a homeless shelter near a school.

In the District we dont mind having convicted sex offenders and drug users in a homeless shetler that is attached to a school, but in montgomery county?

But some area residents say the building is too close to Silver Spring International Middle School and Sligo Creek Elementary School. And they question the wisdom of placing recovering substance abusers in a building next to a grocery store that sells beer and wine.

here in dc, we wouldn't even think about putting a homeless shelter too far from liquor stores. what would they do for fun?

If fact we prefer to place recovering drug abusers right into the heart of neighborhoods with open air drug markets. we like to put poor kids into areas where they get to mix with convicted sex offenders and drug users. we like to build places for the homeless in neighborhoods with no jobs and easy access to drugs, prostitution and alcohol.

what we like to do is pray on the good hearts of the poor and build social services in their neighborhoods so their kids are surrounded by reality.


PalacePool said...

Great Post. I wonder what the Silver Springers would say if city planners told them that they were going to put 184 people in that space......

Anonymous said...

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