Sunday, April 09, 2006

my yard

my yard was decent, passable, mildly acceptable when i first moved into my house.
Then WASA fixed the lead pipes. The crew dug up my yard and flip the topsoil to the botton of the 5 foot deep hole and the clay/layers of brick/ broken glass became the new top. then they spread hay.

i had gigantic, almost radioactive weeds growing out of this potent hay. after that my attempt to tame my yard never evoloved passed the "just dug up look". sometimes it dint look even that good.

last weekend my wife and i began to remedy that. we dug up some more bricks and clay and broken glass and replaced it with some great rich dung/soil/composty stuff.

We began planting and did some more planting today. now, finally we have a mildly acceptable front yard again.


PalacePool said...

I am going through the same thing. There was a huge bare patch in the front yard, which i have just planted new grass seed, may it grow (inshallah). I also has issues with the drainage from the gutters in the front so i took and dug a trench through the red clay and buried a tube to improve drainage. my yard looks like a constuction zone.

jaime said...

Did you call WASA to have the pipes replaced or do they have some sort of schedule for replacement? I'm asking because we finally had our house inspection (just wasn't possible last spring with the market as crazy as it was) and found out our main line is lead. Though, after your story I'm not sure if I'd rather just keep filtering the water rather than deal with a trench in my front yard. (Also, do they replace the pipe all the way into the house?)


Our neighbors have been very supportive of my aggravation with our weed problem. They said it took them a good three years to get their yard in some sort of order after they moved in. Last summer, one type of weed grew nearly 6 feet tall!!! I hope to tackle them at the root this year.

Sean Hennessey said...

palacepool - inshallah! and some water!

jaime- no. my street was one of the first scheduled to have the pipes replaced. so this has been a while now. my main wasn't lead, but the street was.
other neighbors more saavy than i had WASA replace their yard exactly as it was. so take pictures, then complain..and DO NOT let the put that damn hay down.

they change the pipe up to the turn off valve, and they ( at least on my street) put all the turn off valves under the sidewalk instead of in the yard.

Anonymous said...
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