Sunday, April 30, 2006

Why the Post is whack for local stuff

here is an article about the beltway, in the Distict Extra!

1. the beltway isn't in the district.
2. most residents of the district don't really think much on the beltway.

personally, i find the beltway an example of the DIFFERENCE between living in the city and living in the suburbs. Here in DC, most areas are full of sidewalks, and very accesible to public transportation. The suburbs tend to be mainly oriented by personal car ownership. The Beltway is an icon of this. It doesnt tie us together, it further separates us.

another reason why the post is whack for local stuff:

of the three articels listed as main articles for the district extra, one is about the district.

also, on the metro sections DC page, there is a large emphasis on crime, and looking up crime. This is not even present on the main pages for the surrounding counties Metro page.

that sucks.


Richard Layman said...

This is probably partly due to staff reductions. I actually skim the online editions of each Extra section each week and they do share content between the editions.

Like the articles you point out, sometimes I wonder why they choose to run certain articles in some of the editions...

I actually like the Post a lot. Sure, I think they could do more, and occasionally I have real issues (witness my five part "series" 'Commerz in the 'hood) and I think the District Extra could have more news generally--there are too many agate listings of stuff I don't care about, like reports of animal abuse--but the Post covers more and has a bigger news hole for this stuff than most any other newspaper in the U.S.

Anonymous said...

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