Saturday, September 30, 2006

AJ wright.

I stopped by this morning as i was picking up some stuff at Giant. Ever been to the TJ Max up in friendship heights? AJ's a bit nicer and seemed less expensive.

Still, it is somewhat depressing the see the growth of this strip mall. Someday it will be a wasteland.


Anonymous said...

I share your diappointment, but still think it's an improvement over how it looked before. Though don't strip malls have places to eat/drink? I really wish they'd put a movie theater there or a restaurant or coffee place or ice cream.

I'd like to see a full parking garage at RI metro to accomodate more cars.

Sean Hennessey said...

an improvement over a salt tower? yes. Still, its a dead end design.

I go there sure. as a contractor and home owner i hit home despot often and i go to the giant.

have you been to the giant in columbia heights?
superb design for what it is.

Part of what an urban setting means is to place people before cars.

Anonymous said...

someday it'll be a wasteland? it is now. not to mention a great place to have your car stolen and be treated rudely or ignored by home depot clerks.

as someone renovating a row house I'm glad that it is within 10 blocks of my place, but it will be a permanent blot on the development of that area.

Sean Hennessey said...

anon 4:56,

ha! ok.

i would suggest checking out:
Fragers on Penn SE
Brookland hardware
Community Forklift.

there are only certian things i go to home depot for.....

Anonymous said...

Anonymous you made me laugh out loud. I've too been ignored by one to many Home Depot people but there are really good ones there too so just keep trying. I've yet to go to the Giant and not find an emtpy, used styrophoam take-out box set-aside in one of the aile shelves. I guess people are helping themselves to free samples.