Monday, September 18, 2006

this is pretty funny

a comical blog concerning the "eckington theater" and a notorious ruse.


Kirk Waldroff said...

there's a nasty rumor going around that Walter Puddingbottom started the NY Ave fire....

Mari said...

Funny but fiction.
I sent an email to a friend who works at the Library of American Broadcasting and he wrote:
Thank you for sending me that link. It's a good parody of radio.
Listening to the show, you can tell from the language they are using that it is a modern parody. The "photo" of Walter J. Puddingbottom is actually a photo of J. Scott Smart, an actor who played Brad Runyon, a private detective, the main character of a show called "The Fat Man". The show was on ABC from 1946 to 1951. Despite the fact that he weighed 270 pounds, Smart was actually a jitterbug dancer and apparently won a Charleston contest. Gives hope to us all ;-)

Bill Schmalfeldt said...

There is absolutely NOTHING funny about the tragic life and suspicious demise of the former Jovial Impresario of the Eckington Theater, the late Walter J. Puddingbottom. And we hope there will be absolutely nothing funny as well about the investigation into his reported demise that will be chronicled in the upcoming series, "Max Payload, King of the Gumshoes."

But thank you for noticing! :)

Sean Hennessey said...

substantially mysterious! particularly confounding!

thank you for investigating this serious situation!