Thursday, September 07, 2006

shopping in brentwood. More Strip Malls!

The new 58,000 square foot shopping center will be home to 8 new stores:

AJ Wright - 24,000 sf,
Downtown Locker Room- 5,000 sf,
Rainbow Women - 5,000 sf.
Anna's Linens - 5, 500 sf,
America's Best Optical 3, 750 sf,
Radio Shack - 2, 500 sf and
Citi-Bank 5,000 sf.

AJ Wright is scheduled for opening on September 28th. Construction for Citi-Bank is complete and fixtures are being installed. Construction for all other stores will be completed by September 15th. All stores will open by the end of October in time for the holiday season.

All this does make me think of the more intelligent and better designed plans that are happening in Columbia Heights... but here in ward five we're happy with the scraps, huh?

i know i'll go. i mean radio shack coolness. how retro!

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Anonymous said...

Why can't we get a smart development like the Tivoli in Columbia Heights? Giant and Home Depot would have been just as successfull if they were obligated to build entrances to the street and required to parking either on top of them or below them in garages. If I wanted a shopping center I would move to PG... Eckington/Brentwood deserve a better, friendlier shopping experience that makes our nieghborhood more safe. No one walks to the Giant and who would want to? It's pretty far across that expanse of pavement from the metro station. I would rather go home and pick up my car first to pick up the small amount of groceries that I need, then to walk across that car infested parking lot... How un-city like Brentwood is.