Tuesday, November 09, 2010

bicycle vandalized outside of Yoga District

From the Eckington list:

Don't vandalize my bicycle, please.

Dear Neighbors,

Last night, after enjoying the evening class in my favorite yoga studio (Yoga District, best in town!), I came out to notice that my bicycle had been vandalized. I had left it locked, like all other evenings, just to find that both front and read drop outs (basically, like a car's axle) had been taken. I had to walk all the way home, pushing my bike while wondering "who would vandalize a bicycle?" .

Truth be told, I love the neighborhood. I am a huge fan of T street with Yoga and Rustik, and Bloomingdale Liquors and Windows Cafe. But what about the cars that speed and stop? What about the groups of men that drink alcohol in plain views? What about the rest of us?

I really want T street to flourish... didn't I read somewhere that a Day Care center is
coming next to Rustik? It makes me wonder if improving lighting or other measures will improve safety and bring more shoppers to the area. And, heck ... more bicyclists like myself.

Other than venting to this email list, I'm not sure what to do. A report to the police would be ridiculous... but, could someone give me a tip on who to contact to report on the ongoing problems? Feel free to extend my concerns to your neighborhood associations.


1st street


Pam Selle said...

Oh no! This is sad. Who would decide to do that within the hour-ish that she was in yoga class? Did they see her go in? That's just creepy. I guess they were trying to steal her wheels when they realized they didn't have time? Jerks.

Ms. Tehan said...

If you don't report it to the police, how can we ask for help in situations like this in our neighborhood? They need to know what to look for and where.

Unknown said...

Perhaps more lighting would help; main detractor is the liquor store next to the yoga district. men hang out and drink all day in front of that store, and people often double park to go in/out of liquor store too. I don't just mean double park for a few minutes, I've seen folks just hanging out for a while.

Sorry about your bike. But ppl also live across the street, so not sure how much additional lighting would help. Mostly, if cops drive by, they should move the crowd along every time, so they don't want to hang out there any more.

It's not like that liquor store is doing a great service to the community - could its liquor license be protested? How does that work?

CRC said...

I live in the unit block of Seaton Place, NW, and I park my car in the back of the house. Sometime between 1am Sat night/Sun morning and 7pm Sun evening, 3 out of my 4 tires were slashed. Did anyone else have anything like this happen over the weekend?

Anonymous said...

There are a few brands of "locking skewers" available, if it was in fact the axles that were taken. (Drop-outs are typically welded to the frame and thus difficult to take.) They're not totally theftproof, but far better for city use than quick-release skewers.