Wednesday, November 03, 2010

house break-in attempt on the south side of Thomas St NW

See this 11/03/2010 message from a household on the south side of Thomas Street NW:

We live on the south side of Thomas St. sharing an alley with T. Someone cut the screen on our kitchen window and tried to break in. This window is on our deck, is visible to the alley, and is relatively well-lighted. Please remind people to be vigilant.

We have certainly gotten complacent about leaving exterior lights on and setting our alarm (even though there were two break-ins within the last six-months on Thomas). No more!

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Anonymous said...

there's been quite a few people wandering about too in the evening now that it's dark, over here on Adams Street. I don't recognize any of them and wonder if there's an upswing in crime for some reason