Tuesday, November 02, 2010

male pug found on the unit block of S St NW

See this 11/02/2010 7:00 PM message from a resident on the unit block of S Street NW:

A male pug was found wandering around the unit block of S Street NW. It`s a very friendly dog and looks very healthy so it`s not a stray. Please put the world out.

We left the pug at Mimi`s place in hopes that she`ll know who the dog belongs to.


Stu said...

It is from the owners of 1715 1st Street, NW

I live across the street and you can reach me at studavenport@gmail.com

Thank you!

Stu said...


Just reread the post. I'll call mimi.

Anonymous said...

You niggas care more about dogs than you do about people.

TheCommiss said...

Anonymous 12:46

You are such a racist! STOP THE HATE!

Stu said...

Sorry to respond to this - but its not about the dog. Its about the neighbor and the local business owner.

To be honest I do not care too much about the dog.

Anonymous said...

how does anyone know who is or isn't black or white or whatever on this blog? People seem to leap to conclusions all the time. And there's no excuse for hurtful name-calling!

TheCommiss said...

@Stu--thanks for adding that!

@Anonymous--Thank you...since I moved to Bloomingdale and frankly DC it seems to be one of the biggest issues facing our city! It's "One City" not many not black, not white, not Latino,... BUT ONE CITY!

It's time to stop the hate! I am so tired of being the only one to speak up!

First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Socialist.

Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Trade Unionist.

Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out --
Because I was not a Jew.

Then they came for me -- and there was no one left to speak for me.

Rev. Martin Niemöller


Anonymous said...

Nigga isn't racist, I'm black, duh.

BTW, I assume everyone on here is white until they prove me otherwise. You gentrifiers have taken over the neighborhood and pushed us niggas out, young.

Also, you claiming it to be racist is exerting your white privilege.

Anonymous said...

@TheComiss You are incorrect. It's the people who are pushing other people out's city. Whtie people, specifically white upper-middle class bammas, are taking this city over neighborhood by neighborhood. Notice how they don't gentrify white areas. It's a war on race.

Anonymous said...

The Commiss seems to be such a hypocrite. Sure, he takes a stand when convenient for him, but I have seen few others in this neighborhood who seem to spread hate as much as he does. Thank God he has been dethroned, but I think we will all continue to suffer from his attitude. Maybe he will move to a different neighborhood.

And his quote doesn't seem to reflect his actions over the last two years. I don't believe it for a second.

Yes, stop the hate, stop the racism, grow up everyone, including TheCommiss.

Adam Butler Ducote said...

I'm sorry. Just the fact that y'all thought that comment was racist shows how out of touch with your neighbors you are. The statement was entirely appropriate, though giving people a hard time for trying to get someone's dog home is a little rough.

If you drop the n-bomb, these white people aren't going to hear anything else you say. That word is a shock to their hyper-liberal sense of the world. It makes them all nervous.

Anonymous said...

The fact that a posting about a lost dog can turn into a racial rant suggests it's time to turn off the comment feature on the blog. I mean- has there ever been a useful or productive thread on here?

- JM

Anonymous said...

I find the comments quite entertaining.

Anonymous said...

"If you pick up a starving dog and make him prosperous, he will not bite you; that is the principal difference between a dog and a man." ~Mark Twain

TheCommiss said...

At All the Anonymous’---First you are all a bunch of cowards...Post who you are and be proud of what you say instead of hiding behind a mask! You have something to say that say it out in the public and proudly, otherwise "shut the front door!"

@Anonymous 9:43 Nigga is a racist comment...Let me walk around Bloomingdale yelling nigga and you see what people say. So please black or not, let's not use that term!
And finally it's not about whites moving in, anyone can by a house. If you think that is the case then urge the blacks in the community not to sell their homes! Furthermore, my family lived in this neighborhood 25 years ago and they were black, I just happen to be white. So what the hell difference does that make?

@Anonymous 10:39-- I take the stand and have suffered for it. So I would say you are very mistaken. I've been very vocal about injustice in this community, and I take no shame in giving you a good bitch slap when someone is out of line. I speak up, I don't sit on my ass and let someone get away with a comment that is not true, racist, hateful or such. That's what I do...what you do other than make a rude comment hiding behind your anonymous comment. Grow some balls and be out in the public with your comment! Really what a liberty!

@Anonymous 10:39-- Really a hypocrite! I dare you to find one time I said something different and went against it. Do you actually know what a Hypocrite is! Sounds like you are lacking some education! I have defended those who stand against it and condemned those who have used it. Check out my record instead of opening you month first without thinking! GEEZ there is even video tape of me delivering speeches in this community against such stuff. Ask Nolan or IMgoph they will tell you! They we at an event with the hater Bishop Jackson when I tore into him too! So really get your fact straight because you are obviously not in the know in the least bit!

@ Adam--I'm not out of touch, I see the racist hate in this community all the time and frankly it's freaking rude, ignorant and out of line! And the word doesn't make me nervous in the least bit. I have plenty of diversity in my family, Black, White, Latin, Native, Indian, Iranian….. What I hate is the fact that someone in the 21st century would use words that are intended to demean another. Please grow up a bit and you might realize what negative effects racist and hateful speech turns into!

@JM--I know can you believe it. Here Stu is trying to help someone out and some ass turns it into a racist rant, and then jumps on me for pointing it out. I say SCOTT NO MORE ANONYMOUS POSTING! LET THESE HATEFUL, RACIST, IRGNORANT PEOPLE POST UNDER THEIR REAL NAMES. Some more control over the blog is needed. It's adding to the divide when some fool putting this bullshit out in our community!

Anonymous said...

Dumbass, anyone CAN'T buy a house in this neighborhood. I grew up here staying nigga, ji, moe, bamma, and everything else. It's not racist if you're black, ock.

TheCommiss said...

Ok Anonymous who are you?

Of course anyone can buy a house, rent and live in any community. Are you really listening to yourself?

Ok let's get all the Blacks in this community at your front door and you tell them the same thing! Let's see how far you get with that argument. I bet you don't make it for more than 30 seconds. It's a racist comment no matter if you are black or not!

OK all you bloggers who chime in on everything....let's hear back and let us all know if you feel nigga is a racist word???

Anonymous said...

I feel that 'nigga' is an ignorant word. It's really NIGGER justified. Truth is true, no one will take you seriously if that word is a constant in your vernacular, black or white. It exemplifies a youthful, ignorant arrogance that will inhibit any sort of coherent and legitimate conversation. Out of curiosity, @TheCommiss... your family is obviously multicultural, so how is it that you identify as white? I don't mean to get all in your personal business, but you brought it up... Also, the anonymous profile is easier... I think that's why you get so many... Not everyone wants to link their comments to their google account.


Anonymous said...

not everyone can buy a house and live anywhere they want. that's a lovely idea, but it's just not reality... sorry.

Black Guy Speaks said...

Ok, I’ll bite. I usually just lurk on these blogs because I prefer to save my thoughts for live discussions about how sanctimonious my neighbors are (the White people think that all tradition and history should be abandoned as soon as their vision of ‘progress’ is introduced into a community; the Black people think that any vision of progress should be opposed because it sometimes conflicts with the tradition and history that they’ve created or have been caretakers of within communities that were once abandoned by – but factually build by and for – White people).

Basically, you people (and by ‘you’ I mean – in the aggregate – liberal, White, self-righteous, dubiously well-meaning but awkward) are nothing if not foils for the mischievousness of those who play on your Liberal reflexes. The whole “n-word” existence/debate/discussion is ALWAYS a very unfortunate consequence of some well worn, and often unwelcomed, tradition with a historical foundation (many of you suffered through the ‘civil rights unit’ in 7th grade Social Studies, so I won’t burden you with a re-cap). The greatest misfortune is that Black people, who can apparently use this word with impunity, do more to keep the word (and its softer derivation) alive than any racist of any other race or heritage. MY POINT and what’s HILARIOUS to me is that the commenter “Anonymous” (11/3 @ 12:46pm and 11/4 @ 9:43) is NOT Black. He/she is one of YOU tweaking (you guessed it) YOU! Now, I expect some pushback from Anonymous, so here’s the test for you, Anonymous: sometime between now and COB on Saturday, walk into the liquor-mart at 1st and U ST NW. Spend approximately 15 minutes near the front of the store using the n-word (or a derivation) aloud. You’re welcome to use the work singularly, use it while greeting customers, in a song, in a lengthy conversation with the guy behind the plexi (use your imagination but you have to say it a minimum of, say, 20 times). REMEMBER, THIS IS COMPLETELY ON THE HONOR SYSTEM! If I’m wrong about who you are – and you’re honest – then either the socially-accepted norm of Black use this derogatory language proved true (and you do not, in fact, fit the racial profile of the average reader of this blog). But if I’m right, and in my heart of hearts I sure hope that I am, we will be reading all about the ass-kicking that will be delivered unto you with great magnanimity and flourish that only the righteous could appreciate. Good luck!

As for the rest of you, I PROMISE you that it is a better use of your emotions (e.g. outrage, righteous indignation, etc.) to ignore this type of flame propagated by Anonymous, now and in the future.

Anonymous said...

What the Commiss is saying is that this is a free country and nobody is stopping folks from choosing where and how to live. Of course if you can't afford to buy a house in Bloomingdale, well then your not going to buy a house in Bloomingdale. But it's not the "Gentrifiers" fault if you can't afford it. This is a market driven economy pure and simple and the reality is there are very few parts in NW that still affordable. You need to take some personal responsibility...if your goal is to buy a house in Bloomingdale then make a plan to reach that goal.

Anonymous said...

using the word "nigga" is just a symptom of a disease you don't even know you have. whatever bama. stay sick as long as you want. it's your problem. someday you will experiences the consequences and everyday there are fewer and fewer ways for you to get out. it's only gonna get worse.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sick of this gentrification argument, and it always being equated with white people. Look, this little white girl and my black husband bought a home in this neighborhood because we think it's a nice place, homes were available, and it's what we could afford. We don't want to push anyone out, take the neighborhood from anyone, or change it. We want to be a part of it. Why would your preference be empty buildings that provide a haven for crime? Finally, if you're so concerned about being priced out of the neighborhood, talk to the people who have lived here for 20 or 30 years and are now asking 3 or 4 times what they paid - they are the ones pricing you out, not those of us who move here.

Anonymous said...

At All the Anonymous’---First you are all a bunch of cowards...Post who you are and be proud of what you say instead of hiding behind a mask! You have something to say that say it out in the public and proudly, otherwise "shut the front door!"

TheCommiss? that's rather anonymous, wouldn't you say?

Anonymous said...

you all need to google the word "troll".

TheCommiss said...

@Veroncia--Yes I am white. However, my family has married about 50% non-whites and very diversely. I have three 1st cousins...yes we’re close RI is a same place like DC and they are in there 60's…I in my 40's who married African-American, so their children are just a few years younger than me. My second cousins married Iranian, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and French. My great Aunt was princess Nashweena of the Narragansett Tribe of Native Americans. I think you get the point. As a family with so many people of all different ethic backgrounds; it's pretty much every man for themselves! LOL! I joke that a holiday or a wedding is like a meeting of the UN Security Council. My experiences and family's….hence my opinion on this issue; I hope that you get the point I am attempting to make here.

@Anonymous—4:18 exactly my point…I’ve been spent my entire career in financial services and affordable housing. I took advantage of a program and first time buyer incentives and purchased here in Bloomingdale and I know it’s a struggle for many, it surely was for me!

@ Anonymous: 6:07—Oh may on this blog know me. I’m the ANC Commissioner from 5C07. Have you ever read this blog? Really! Come on now! Let’s be straight up!