Monday, November 22, 2010

new speed cameera installed on North Capitol Street

This message is from James Fournier, ANC 5C07 Commissioner-Elect:

Major New Speed Camera on North Capitol Street - North Bound

The speed camera attached to the MPD cruiser on the southbound side of North Capitol Street as residents enter Bloomingdale is a common sight. There is now an MPD cruiser on the northbound side of North Capitol - more or less across the street from the southbound side cruiser. As a heads up, the posted speed limit on NC is 35 mph - regardless of the obvious engineering capabilities of your car, your stellar driving ability, or whatever one may think about the reality of 35 mph on North Capitol.

A ticket for 20 mph is $150, which doubles if not paid within 30 days . . .

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Paul Kirk said...

Thanks, James. This is helpful and officially marks the day you've done more than the Commiss in 6 years to actually help people.