Friday, December 02, 2011

found dogs

I found two dogs on the side of the road in rural Virginia. They were both starving, but they`ve been putting on weight this week coming out of their shells. I shouldn`t have picked them up because I don`t really have a place to keep them, but I`m trying to help them as quickly as possible. If you know anyone looking for a dog, please forward this email.

The long-haired black gentleman has a lovely disposition. I suspect he`s been out a long time. He`s a mess-- hurt paw, broken tooth, knotted fur--but he really seems to be having fun living inside--even if it`s temporary. He`s gone from a vacant stare to getting excited for treats. He knows how to sit, so at some point someone paid attention to him.

The young Pit is acting like a young Pit. She has boundless energy and is absolutely desperate for food and attention. She likes to fetch and loves to be petted. Her ribs don`t show anymore.

The female Pit will be spayed before I adopt her out.

E-mail me at emilyroderer @ for more information. Or text 804 – 513 - 4037.

Check out the Craigslist ad for pictures.

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Alexandra said...

You are absolutely wonderful to have done this! Thank you so much on their behalf. I will keep my eyes/ears open, but definitely post in all the usual places (Big Bear, Windows, FieldtoCity,...).