Sunday, March 03, 2013

*updated* McMillan concept from Vision McMillan Partners presented to ANC 5A on Wednesday, 02-27-2013

Thanks to Cheryl Wagner for supplying an update from the Wednesday, 02-27-2013 ANC 5A meeting on McMillan.

More detail for the community to digest.  
From:  Cheryl Wagner
Sent: Wednesday, February 27, 2013 9:15 PM
Subject: Update - Vision McMillan Partners McMillan Plan
VMP plan[also presented below]

VMP briefed ANC5A on their new "Park South" plan for McMillan, this evening. 

- Anne Corbett stated that the Olmsted walk would extend around the entire perimeter of the site.
- There are several new through streets in their plan – Half Street, NW; Evarts Street NW; and middle Street, NW.
- Heights for the various parts -- Healthcare I (130'), Healthcare II (90'), Grocery/Multifamily (75'), Multifamily/Healthcare 3 (90'), Townhouses (40'), Community Center (30').
- Construction Phase I - Healthcare I and II by 2017, Townhouses and Grocery/Multifamily by 2016, Park - 2016.                

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Alfredo R said...

Very exciting! Here's to hoping this plan gets approved.