Sunday, March 23, 2014

volunteers wanted for the "Say 'hi' to your neighbor campaign"

Subject: Volunteers wanted for the "Say 'hi' to your neighbor campaign"

Spring has sprung - isn't this a good time to say "hi" to your neighbor?  Unfortunately, it seems, many of our neighbors have recently moved from places where saying "hello" on the street was not the custom.  They look at you strangely, when you say "hi."  Or they avert their eyes.  That makes me sad!  One of the things we loved most about Ledroit Park and Bloomingdale when we moved here was that everyone said "hello"!  

But all is not lost.  

I am looking for a few volunteers who want to bring back the "neighbor" to our neighborhood.  I am thinking of a small behavior change communications campaign.  We'll make flyers!  We'll walk the streets, smiling!  We'll have fun!  

Please email me directly at if you are interested in volunteering.  (A simple "hi" between neighbors is the first step toward building community!)


Todd said...

Awesome idea. I have had this thought many times. If Bloomingdale wants to maintain it's culture, then that's exactly what it is ...maintenance. Believe me, when I lived in Mt. Pleasant in the early 90s, it was like Bloomingdale is now....then it gentrified and everybody moved indoors. Unfortunately, I'm based overseas for the moment, but one thing i've wanted to do is revive "stooping" and "porch sitting" .....would love to have block stoop nights where blocks alternate nights and sit out on their stoops or porches and receive guests with cookies/lemonade...etc. I think stuff like that goes along way to maintaining that small town atmosphere that Bloomingdale always had. Great idea and i"m glad someone is stepping up ...this is an important endeavour.

Jenifer said...

I think the idea above is excellent. Maybe just set up one or two evenings a month for "shared stooping"... Eg First Saturday and last Friday, or something uncomplicated.

Todd said...

Right... it's key to keep it simple. As an example, I was just going to put a flyer out on W street and propose that the last Friday of each month is W Street Porch/Stoop night. Come out and sit on your porch from 7pm to 8:30pm and bring some chips/dip or drinks or whatnot. ..... walk up and down the street and say hi to the neighbors...stop in for a drink somewhere. Bring some music...(not too loud)....etc.

Unknown said...

Serita has also proposed a rotating neighborhood potluck to help built up a sense of community involvement. Seems like that would fit in nicely with this initiative to bring back the idea of what it means to be a neighbor.


dcpeg said...

My Midwestern roots had me greeting strangers from the first day I arrived in D.C., back in '69. Got lots of strange looks, but occasionally a positive response. Living in such a transient city, some really don't care about meeting anyone because they don't plan to stay long. That doesn't stop me and I'm glad others are getting friendly, too!