Monday, June 26, 2017

Bloomingdale's two PUD's: 1) McMillan Sand Filtration site; 2) the Joe Mamo lot

Bloomingdale has two Planned Unit Development (PUD) projects:

1. McMillan Sand Filtration site. bounded by 1st Street NW, Channing Street NW, North Capitol Street NW and Michigan Avenue NW - 2501 1st Street NW.

This image is from Wikipedia.

This image from Vision McMillan Partners

2. Joe Mamo lot at the northwest corner of Florida Avenue NW and North Capitol Street NW, location of a former Exxon gas station -- 1600 North Capitol Street NW.

This project appears to be going nowhere.

Joe Mamo lot from Florida Avenue NW

Joe Mamo lot from North Capitol Street NW

One of the renderings of the 1600 North Capitol Street NW PUD project.

Here is Joe Mamo's attorney at the June 2016 Bloomingdale Civic Association meeting, discussing the extension of the project's PUD 

Are there any other lots or sets of lots that might be considered candidates for Planned Unit Development categorization? 

I don't think so.  

Here is a link to a DC Office of Planning document that describes PUDs.

And now you know this!

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