Wednesday, June 28, 2017

neighbor files claim for damage regarding the DC Water 1st Street Tunnel project -- claim has been denied -- anyone else ??

See this 06-28-2017 message:

We recently completed the process of filing a claim for damage attributed to the First Street Tunnel project with DC Water and ESIS - their designated insurer. Our claim has been denied with an original justification that we were not in the pre-defined "zone of influence" defined by DC Water, but DC Water and ESIS have refused to provide a map of this pre-defined area. DC Water and ESIS have since changed the justification and will provide no further details - suggesting we seek legal counsel.

Has anyone else filed a claim under this process? Were you denied because you were outside the "zone of influence"? If you would like to compare notes and documentation, please contact Whitney Picard at

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