Monday, June 26, 2017

The Unified Scene tonight: Free Introduction to Improv graduation show

See this tweet:

Our Free Introduction To Improv Graduation Show

Our Introduction to Improv Class will be having their graduation show on Monday, June 26th, starting at 7 pm at the The Unified Scene Theater, 80 T Street NW, in the heart of Bloomingdale, DC. And it's absolutely free!

Come cheer on your friends, family, neighbors, loved ones, people who owe you money, etc. as they apply what they've learned in the previous six weeks in a fun, hilarious evening of short-form games and structures, hosted by their instructor, TUS Artistic Director Shawn Westfall. The show will go about an hour, and afterward we'll retire to a (very) nearby bar to toast their success. Laughter and fun guaranteed! And, once again, it's FREE. See you then!


Frankie Abralind
Byron Crooks
Bev... Pratt
Bonnie Berko,
Artie Berko
Phoebe Hoffman
Rachel Anderson
Daniel Askarinam
Elizabeth Kaigh
Liz Ducey
Mackenzie Cannon

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