Thursday, June 29, 2017

Save McMillan: "McMillan project expected to be approved by the DC Zoning Commission tonight"

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Subject: ALERT: McMillan Park Project @ Zoning TONIGHT

Press Alert: Save McMillan Action Coalition

Thursday, June 29, 2017

McMillan Project Expected to be Approved by the DC Zoning Commission TONIGHT
The Commission’s Expected Action

The DC Zoning Commission is expected to approve the massive McMillan development on Thursday evening, as it approves virtually all development projects that it considers.  It is chaired Anthony Hood, serving since 1998.   Peter Shapiro and Robert Miller are mayoral appointees, plus 2 federal members (Turnbull and May). 

At Mr. Miller’s confirmation hearing, the Committee of 100 pointed out that he (and the Commission) “rarely find [project opponents’] arguments sufficiently persuasive to lead him to vote against a project [feeding] the perception that the hearing process is an empty exercise.”  

VMP: City Subsidy & Conflict of Interest

A 2015 The New York Times article said “the city is paying Vision McMillan Partners $78 million…including fees to lawyers.” The DC Government is in VMP, a conflict of interest when the project is before other DC agencies.   

Undermining the Opposition

VMP contracted with a Baltimore company whose express mission was the “neutralizing/diminishing the impact of [the] opposition.”  Fontaine & Company.
It Is NOT Smart Growth

More than 20,000 additional vehicles vehicles are projected to jam already congested N. Cap. & Michigan Ave DAILY in an area without mass transportation. Although is supported by the Coalition for Smarther Growth and Greater Greater Washington.  

City Allows Work Despite Court Order

In the guise of “stabilizing and restoration work," DCRA has permitted work to proceed at McMillan Park despite the DC Court of Appeals ruling that vacated the zoning and historic preservation approvals.


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