Friday, March 23, 2018

discussion of safety improvements to 1st Street NW

See this 03-23-2018 message from Eckingtonian Edward, which is in response to this 03-21-2018 blog post from Bertha Holliday:

Good morning. I am the cyclist who prompted the discussion of First St NW with DDOT that Commissioner Holliday sent a note about on March 21. 

I would like to clarify the basis of the discussion. I initially asked DDOT regarding safe accommodation for cyclists on First St following a bad incident that I had recently. I did not ask for bike lanes explicitly.

Sam Zimbabwe and Mike Goodno at DDOT responded and indicated to me that, through the Mid-City East Livability Study, DDOT found that the neighborhood preference was to dissuade through traffic on First St and the recommendation was for mini-roundabouts that would disrupt sight lines and deter through traffic (this was in the email Commissioner Holliday attached). 

I emailed Commissioner Holliday on the responses and asked for a neighborhood discussion on improvements to First Street NW, namely the traffic calming measures mentioned by Sam and Mike - not for bike lanes. 

First St is the main thoroughfare through Bloomingdale and one where many of us walk, ride and drive. Making First St safer for everyone is important to making Bloomingdale a better neighborhood.

Please do send Commissioner Holliday your comments, but please understand that the emphasis here is for a safer First St for all residents.

Thank you.


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