Friday, March 23, 2018

Ward 5 Report dated 03-23-2018: "This Saturday we Rally for DC Lives"

From: Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie On Behalf Of Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie
Sent: Friday, March 23, 2018 12:34 PM
Subject: Ward 5 Report: This Saturday we Rally for DC Lives


This weekend we welcome marchers from around the country for the March for Our Lives. Unfortunately, in the District of Columbia, we are all too familiar with the damage that gun violence causes.

Last summer we lost the bright young life of Jamahri Sydnor, who was getting ready to begin her freshman year at Florida A & M University. Just a few weeks later, Zaire Kelly's life was taken on his way home from a college preparatory class. We know the pain that guns cause.

It is in that spirit that we will welcome the young people from Parkland, Florida and the thousands of people who will travel to the District of Columbia to march this weekend. Each member of the Council has been provided tickets to the 'stage section' of the rally and I have reached out to Jamahri and Zaire's families to ensure they are invited to be a part of the rally this Saturday.

In addition, I hope to see many of you at the Rally for D.C. Lives, which will take place prior to the national March, at 9:00 am at Folger Park (3rd and D Street, SE). We will be joined by other Councilmembers, Congresswoman Norton, Mayor Bowser, and hundreds of Washingtonians standing up against gun violence -- and D.C.'s own lack of self-determination to make our own gun laws. After the Rally for D.C. Lives, the group will walk over to the national March for Our Lives on the National Mall.

Finally, I invite those attending the march to stop by my office downtown to warm up, use the restroom, or just take a rest. The Ward 5 office in the John A. Wilson Building at 1350 Pennsylvania Avenue NW will open from 11:00 am until 4:00 pm. (Note that you will only be allowed to enter the building from the D Street NW entrance)

In Service,

Kenyan in the Community

Councilmember McDuffie, Mayor Bowser, and District agency leadership on a community walk through of the North Michigan Park neighborhood (above, left).

Councilmember McDuffie visited several Ward 5 DCPS elementary schools earlier this month, including Noyes, Wheatley, and Burroughs. Above (right) Councilmember McDuffie talks with the principal, teachers, and students at Burroughs Elementary.

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March with Councilmember McDuffie in the D.C. Emancipation Day Parade - Saturday, April 14

On Saturday, April 14, walk with Councilmember McDuffie & your Ward 5 neighbors as we celebrate D.C. Emancipation Day 2018. We will meet at 1:00 PM at 10th Street and Pennsylvania Avenue NW. Parade will start at 2:00 PM and proceed along Pennsylvania Ave from 10th Street NW to 14th Street NW

Clean Up of Park at 14th Street, Rhode Island Ave, and Brentwood Road NE - Saturday, March 24

On March 24 at 10 AM, give back to your community through a litter clean up of the park, located at 14th Street NE, Brentwood Road NE, and Rhode Island Avenue NE. Organized by D.C. Department of Public Works and the Brookland Neighborhood Civic Association, this event provides certified volunteer hours and an opportunity to meet your neighbors. Additionally, this event is the first step in fostering a safer space at this intersection. No RSVP is needed - just show up! Garbage bags, gloves, and equipment provided.

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Daniel in brookland said...

The 2nd Amendment does not include the right for individuals to bear arms.
Just read it. Can half literate Americans read the English language?

The 2nd Amendment gives the right to "A well regulated Militia", of the people (the nation, state, county or community), not any individual, not any individual "to bear arms", "individual rights" are not there. Read it!

A necessary delusion was confirmed by the Supreme Court, the "boys want toys".

Just like many other self serving national delusions, they have made up their own version of "reality" that suits their needs, boys want toys. To take over the continent from Native Americans and commit genocide, they made up self serving false delusions, like "Manifest Destiny". To keep African slaves, they made up their own false delusions, still harming us all to this day. Cops are shooting innocent black people, modern day lynchings in our streets.

The "patriots" armed for a war, say that if the govt. became repressive they bear arms in defense of the peoples freedom. Fine!
What are they doing to keep the govt from repression right NOW, just waiting for the "conflagration"?

Don't accept fringe tweeks to failed gun laws. What is the difference between an 18 year old sociopath mortally wounding you or your loved ones, and a 21 year old sociopath, or 40 year old, or 70 year old? Same wound, same blood, same death! What is the difference between our children shot with an AR-15 or a Glock handgun.

Please go back to the real 2nd Amendment, set up well regulated popularly based militias, Civil Defense Corps, of the people, to secure a free state, deal with climate change, restore the infrastructure, clean up the environment, fight political corruption and corporate destruction of the planet. We must for the sake of a sane world, and our children's lives, get rid of guns outside of legitimate professional access, beat "swords into plowshares".

Video games, though unhealthy, don't shoot anyone, nor violent movies, insane easy access to firearms flooded all over the U.S. and violent unhealthy people shoot guns, kill and maim people, innocent animals, destroy our world,
crush our hearts.
We ban assault rifles for 18 year olds, as if a 21 year old is safe, and hand guns kill children in schools and on the streets.
Five "Parkland mass shootings" every day an average casualty toll of 96 people per day, and how many innocent animals killed and maimed.

What will be done about the unconstitutional arsenals in private hands, 15 million semi-automatic long arms "out there". We must go back to the fundamental, the actual United States Constitution, the founders authorization for the "people" to be armed in a "Well regulated Militia", read it!