Saturday, March 31, 2018

Ward 5 CM McDuffie honors Ward 5 women, including ANC5E Commissioners Williams, Powell, Pinkney, McClelland, Holliday, Barnes & Jones -- and Bloomingdale Civic Association President Teri Janine Quinn

From: Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie On Behalf Of Councilmember Kenyan R. McDuffie
Sent: Saturday, March 31, 2018 8:00 AM
A Salute to Our Ward 5 Women


As we close Women’s History Month today, I want to take a moment to recognize the phenomenal women who are leading in Ward 5 every day. They give tirelessly to their families and communities, oftentimes without the thanks or recognition they deserve.

Born and raised in Ward 5, I have been privileged to see women leaders in our community for my entire life. My mother was my first example of a selfless leader and my wife continues to amaze me every day with her unyielding commitment and dedication. I understand how fortunate I am that our two daughters are able to witness phenomenal women around them every day at home and throughout the District, particularly in Ward 5.

While I simply cannot list every woman that is making an impact in Ward 5, I do want to recognize our women Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners and civic association presidents below. They are the first ones to answer my calls, come down to testify, lead community cleanups, volunteer at schools, and assist in every way, big and small. To you, I say thank you. I am grateful for your service and the opportunity to have you as my partners.

In Service,


Advisory Neighborhood Commissioners:

Grace J. Lewis, 5A02
Keisha S. Cofield-Lynch, 5A03
Sandi Washington, 5A07
Gayle Hall-Carley, 5B01
Ursula Higgins, 5B02, Chair ANC 5B
Rayseen Woodland, 5B04
Gail Brevard, 5C01
Jacqueline Manning, 5C04, Chair ANC 5C
Regina James, 5C05
LaMonica Jeffrey, 5C06
Yolanda Odunsi, 5C07
Peta-Gay S. Lewis, 5D01
Keisha L. Shropshire, 5D02
Bernice S. Blacknell, 5D04
Kathy Henderson, 5D05
H. Yvonne Buggs, 5D06
Patricia Williams, 5E02
Hannah Powell, 5E03
Sylvia M. Pinkney, 5E04
Katherine McClelland, 5E06
Bertha G. Holliday, 5E07
Dianne Barnes, 5E09
Nancy Jones, 5E10

Civic and Community Association Presidents:

Valarie Boykin-Pair, President, TTOP
Janet Drew, President, Gateway Civic Association
Uchenna Evans, President, Lamond-Riggs Civic Association
Earline Frasier, President, Brentwood Civic Association
Laura Jackson, President, Stronghold Civic Association
Charlotte Lewis, President, Queens Chapel Civic Association
Grace J. Lewis, President, North Michigan Park Civic Association
Sylvia Matthews, President, Hanover Civic Association
Sydelle Moore, President, Langston  Civic Association
Gloria S. Norris, President, Pleasant Hills Civic Association
Teri Janine Quinn, President, Bloomingdale Civic Association
Shirley Rivens Smith, North Woodridge Civic Association
Katrina Velasquez, President, Eckington Civic Association
KaShawana Watson, President, Ward 5 Council on Education

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