Thursday, February 14, 2019

McMillan Advisory Group (MAG) meeting -- today, Thursday, 02-14-2019

See this meeting announcement from Next Door:

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Daniel in brookland said...

Daniel WolkoffWednesday, March 06, 2019 12:26:00 PM

Armed Forces retirement home is putting out requests for development plans, I believe, this Spring.
That 80 acre development plan, with more office space than The Pentagon, the world's largest office building, is much larger, and much more housing etc, than VMP/DMPED/JAMIE FONTAINE 25 acre development plan for McMillan Sand Filtration Site.

So if North Capitol has 38,000 auto trips per day(DDOT 2013) and the McMillan Town Center,
"The Monstrosity on Michigan Avenue" will bring 31,000 auto trips per day( so that is 69,000 auto trips per day), and add probably an additional 31,000 auto trips a day from a much bigger development monstrosity, just a bit North at AFRH. WHAT IS THE TRAFFIC ON NORTH CAP GOING TO LOOK LIKE? 100,000 auto trips per day????
And VMP expects 24,000 mass transit users with no mass transit. McMillan Town center will be the 14th largest Metro Station with out a Station!
Then this pretty tiny decking will do little, when a real multi mile corridor decking, with Monorail to AFRH from NOMA, would eliminate the need for cars, and serve Washington Hospital Center and Vets, and Children's National Medical Center.
Bowser has put aside $40 million for the initial costs of small decking over polluted 6 lane road, while the Washington Post estimate a few years ago for restoring McMillan Park historically at less than $40 million. I believe with student and youth training in the building trades at MCMPK, it would cost less.
McMillan Park needs to be saved, RESCUED from super - urbanized mediocrity by VMP/DMPED and the Monorail would of course serve McMillan Park, again not requiring autos to visit and enjoy it.

Good urban planning brings in mass transit before massive development, but we do not have urban planners at OP. Their mission statement is "to promote development", doesn't mention urban planning, obviously.

Update on the legal issues, our potential new case, we seek close in Bloomingdale residents for Co-plaintiff on court claim demonstrating illegality of VMP/DMPED plan. please email Daniel Goldon Wolkoff at for more information.