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DC Water NEBT project: Mobilizing on 3rd Street NW -- Monday, 04-01-2019

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NEBT: Mobilizing on 3rd Street NW on April 1, 2019

Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project
Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Newsletter
& Rhode Island Avenue NW Median Removal Update
March 26, 2019


Update: Median Removal on Rhode Island Avenue NW
The contractor for DC Water’s  Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) is preparing to remove the two medians on Rhode Island Avenue NW between North Capitol Street NW and 2nd Street NW. While the construction was scheduled to begin March 11, there has been a delay in the permitting process. We continue to work with the District Department of Transportation to reduce the number of trees removed while assuring the construction site area is safe. We anticipate that work will be permitted to begin on or about April 4, 2019. In the meanwhile, thank you for your patience.

Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Newsletter
DC Water’s Clean Rivers Project has initiated construction of the Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT). Salini-Impregilo/Healy Joint Venture (SIH) is the design-builder for the NEBT. The contractor will begin mobilizing Construction Staging Area (CSA) 1 of the Florida Avenue (FLA) NW Construction Site on or about Monday, April 1, 2019.

Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Map
Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Map

The FLA CSA1 mobilization (the blue section on the above map) requires the contractor to close 3rd Street NW between Rhode Island Avenue NW and Florida Avenue NW. CSA1 will be in place through winter 2022.

Travel Restrictions:
  • Mobilizing the construction staging area requires closing the 1700 block of 3rd Street NW in both directions between Rhode Island Avenue NW and Florida Avenue NW.
  • The 200-block of S Street NW will be accessible to traffic from 2nd Street NW only.
  • The alley between the 200 blocks of Rhode Island Avenue NW and S Street NW will be closed at the 3rd Street entrance. The alley entrances from 2nd Street NW and   S Street NW will remain open. 
Parking Restrictions:
  • Parking on the northbound side of the 1700 block of 3rd Street NW will be restricted.
Pedestrian Safety:
  • Pedestrians will be detoured to the east side of the 1700 block of 3rd Street NW.
  • The crosswalks across 3rd Street NW along Florida Avenue NW and Rhode Island Avenue NW will remain open.
Mobilization of CSA1 on 3rd Street NW
Mobilization on 3rd Street NW includes setting up a fenced area around the perimeter of CSA1. Mobilization also includes preparing the site for construction, delivering equipment and materials to the site, installing erosion and sediment protections, installing geotechnical instrumentation used for monitoring operations, and setting up for secant pile installation operations required for the support of excavation for the drop shaft.

To relieve chronic sewer flooding, DC Water will construct a diversion facility which will include a diversion chamber, a 20-foot diameter drop shaft, and other structures to convey flow from the existing sewer to the tunnel. The Florida Avenue Diversion Facility is designed to convey a peak flow rate of 322.8 million gallons per day to the tunnel system.

When construction begins on 3rd Street NW, trucks delivering equipment to the site and removing excavation material will follow the established haul route for the Florida Avenue Construction Site. The route is designed to cause as little impact as possible during the day. Hauling activities will occur between the hours of 9:30 AM and 3:30 PM to lessen the impact on the commuting public. The haul route for the Florida Avenue NW Construction Site is graphically presented here.

Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Haul Route Map
Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Haul Route Map

Scope of Work
Once mobilization is complete, SIH will begin construction work. To continue to provide two-way traffic along Florida Avenue NW when the contractor occupies FLA CSA2 (the yellow section on the Construction Site Map above), portions of the curb and sidewalk will need to be temporarily removed along the southbound part of Florida Avenue NW between 4th Street NW and 3rd Street NW. However, the contractor will maintain space for pedestrian traffic. Pedestrians will follow the detour to cross Florida Avenue NW at 4th Street NW. Additionally, the crosswalk at 4th Street NW and Florida Avenue NW will be striped with high visibility zebra striping.

Florida Avenue NW Construction Site Schedule

Construction Outreach
The NEBT Outreach Team is committed to providing you with the information you need about upcoming work, detours, and outreach events; and will periodically distribute printed and electronic newsletters, and maintain an updated project webpage and a 24-hour hotline.

Learn More at Outreach Events
  • S Street NW Information Table, March 27, 2019, 6:30 PM—7:30 PM, intersection of 3rd Street NW and Florida Avenue NW near the BP Gas Station.
    • The construction team will answer community questions about the 3rd Street NW closure.
  • Tunnel Forum Meeting, April 11, 2019, 6:30 PM—8:00 PM, location to be announced.
    • The construction team will update residents and businesses about the construction schedule and work, and address construction impacts.

Northeast Boundary Tunnel
The Northeast Boundary Tunnel (NEBT) is the largest component of DC Water's Clean Rivers Project.  Chris, the Tunnel Boring Machine, started mining from south of RFK stadium and will extend north to Rhode Island Avenue, NE, and west to 6th Street, NW. The NEBT is a 5-mile tunnel section that will complete the Anacostia River Tunnel System by connecting to the First Street Tunnel and the Anacostia River Tunnel. Through this tunnel system combined sewer overflows (CSOs), that currently discharge to the Anacostia River, can travel by gravity a total of 13 miles down to DC Water's Blue Plains Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant.

The Northeast Boundary Tunnel will significantly reduce chronic flooding in the northeast region of the District and increase the level of removal of CSOs from the Anacostia River from 88% to 98%.

Thank you for your patience during this critical project.

For More Information 
24/7 Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project Hotline: (800) 988-6151
Email: dccleanrivers@dcwater.com
Northeast Boundary Tunnel Project: dcwater.com/NEBT
DC Clean Rivers Project: dcwater.com/clean-rivers-project


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