Monday, March 18, 2019

“Hate To Admit This…” a (Free!) live podcast at The Unified Scene Theater -- Tuesday, 03-19-2019

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“Hate To Admit This…”   A (Free!) Live Podcast at The Unified Scene Theater, Tuesday, March 19th, 8 pm

There are cultural artifacts we’re supposed to like: Bruce Springsteen. Kitten/puppy videos. “Game of Thrones,” apparently. And then there are those cultural artifacts we’re *not* supposed to like: Anne Hathaway, Shia LaBeuf, Chevy Chase (in both their movies and IRL). The bands Smashmouth, Nickelback, and Coldplay. And any food that Guy Fieri recommends. No doubt you have some nominees for both lists. 

This podcast, recorded live at The Unified Scene Theater (80 T Street NW) provides a different take: Adam Stanzione, Mikael Johnson, and Shawn Westfall are going to be intellectually honest and talk about things that they like, or are underrated, or even ignored or condescended to, culturally, and perhaps talk about things/people/talents that are overrated, or given a pass where others of similar talent aren’t. 

Their credentials? None. I mean, same as just about anybody else’s. Well, Adam’s a lawyer, and Mikael and Shawn have performed improv comedy (live, in front of paying audiences and all), so all three know what it means to be at the unpopular table of the cultural lunchroom. 

Perhaps you have a few of your own hot-takes or “I’ll-die-on-this-hill” opinions. Show up. Share them. It’s free, remember? And bring some booze. We don’t care. Tell us what’s on your mind. It’ll be on a podcast that might go viral. And who knows? You might get internet famous. And who doesn’t want that? 

Show starts at 8 pm (doors at 7:30 pm). And, again, it's free. More info here. See you then.

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