Wednesday, April 24, 2019

two highlights from last night's ANC5E meeting: support for Joe Mamo project 2-year PUD extension, support for 1st St NW traffic calming, but ONLY north of RI Ave NW

At last night's ANC5E meeting, the commissioners voted:
  • to support a two-year PUD extension for the Joe Mamo 1600 North Capitol Street NW development project
  • to support DDOT traffic calming on 1st Street NW, but only north of Rhode Island Avenue NW (perhaps ... see below)

Just to let everyone know: I DM's DDOT Director Jeff Marootian and asked him to implement traffic calming on 1st Street NW, both north and south of Rhode Island Avenue NW.

But was last night's ANC5E resolution clear?  Not to everyone, it seems.  See these tweets:

Will DDOT be likewise confused by last night's ANC5E resolution? 


neochen said...

The PUD for 1600 N. Capitol St. NW was approved 12 years ago. Last year, this article ( came out about the requested 5th extension, which was viewed as significant and per new zoning rules in effect since 2016, its last possible extension.

Yet here we are, one year later, and the ANC votes unanimously to approve a 6th extension for two more years. Just what we all want - another two years of a fenced off vacant lot. Nothing devalues people's opinions of the ANC more than these kinds of decisions.

Bloomie16 said...

I don't understand, why does this keep getting support? I'm pretty sure the neighborhood residents are not in support of this. Did anyone speak against it at the meeting?

Daniel in brookland said...

I have heard of "traffic calming", but is there speeding, or other traffic excess on First Street?
My fellow Washingtonians is this pertinent? The Visionless McMillan Partners own Traffic Impact Study(TIS) for the beloved VMP "monstrosity" town center project at the Historic McMillan Sand Filtration Site, says "another car will enter First Street going South from the development site every nine seconds". So every minute 6 more cars added to First St., 360 more motor vehicles every hour, and maybe 8640 additional motor vehicle trips on First St, heading South every day. That seems to me a formula for total grid lock on First St NW, so why would there be a need for "traffic calming"? Maybe a need for gas masks and supplementary hospitalization health insurance for asthmatic children? When added to the 31,000 additional cars every day on N. Capitol hopefully they will pipe in fresh air. My recommendation as a Brookland resident, also being over run with massive urbanization, is to join The McMillan Park Conservancy, and help us fight in the courts for a common sense adaptive re-use of our public 25 acres and the total preservation of OUR historic site for OUR recreation, urban agriculture, civil rights legacy, open space, breezy picnics on the lawn, concerts, sports fields, safe biking for the kids, July Fourth fireworks, and numerous other park related public amenities, before McDuffie and Bowser sell (us) out and transfer our city wealth, our park to Bowser's mediocre development "partners". Of course there is "no collusion!"

We must demand proper urban and regional planning to decrease traffic on N. Capitol for OUR public health, and save McMillan park, increase green swards, and add mass transit like a monorail from NOMA/Gallaudet to "No autos" McMillan Central Park,and beyond to Washington Hospital Center and AFRH so their 81 acre development (coming soon and hotel at Irving as well)isn't just glommed right on top of this Bloomingdale nightmare.

nobodyhomehere said...

First Street, now an avenue filled with joggers, dogs and people pushing baby strollers, needs some calming so it is safe to try to cross the street. Someone who lives in Brookland may not understand the situation that has existed for my 39 years in the Bloomingdale neighborhood. A park on the McMillan filtration plant site doesn't stop me from getting run over in a crosswalk.

Unknown said...

Thanks, nobodyhomehere.

Daniel in brookland said...

Thank you so much for your thoughtful response,"nobodyhomeupstairs". How observant, " a park at McMillan does not stop anyone from getting run over in a crosswalk". Please post more helpful insights soon.
I am much more concerned that we are all, including every child, impacted by the corruption of our Zoning process on public safety issues like this. I had a 20-30 ton BIG RED fire engine, and more recently THE BIG P.G. County ambulance, illegally hop the median on N. Capitol, and CAME BARRELING right into oncoming traffic, right at my Toyota truck, lots of swirling lights and STARTLING sirens and I realized WOW!!! "if this firetruck hits me HEAD ON!!!", "I hope I don't survive!!". I am lucky my sweet father taught me to drive defensively or you might have gotten rid of me right there!
Yes "nobody home upstairs" I'm also concerned that when DC fire officials testified to the Zoning Commission on impacts to City Services from building in the "VMP-DMPED/Bowser/McDuffie monstrosity", at the VMP "approval" Hearing (there is no "Disapproval" hearing), they lied straight faced, that there would be no impacts on City Emergency Services by the massive development. Though the VMP Traffic Impact Study details "one additional car leaving from the development South on First St, NW every 9 seconds, or 8000 a day, and 20,000 - 31,000 more motor vehicle trips generated by the development each day added to N. Cap's existing 38,000 cars a day. I am concerned about perjury by DC officials concerning "life and death" issues like this. I am concerned about subordinate city emergency services officials afraid of retaliation by their boss, the Mayor, for telling the truth. So if you believe that increase in traffic congestion will have no impact on the "failed intersections" and dirty, stinking, polluting traffic on N.Capitol FINE!, and no impact on their life saving and sometimes life taking!! "emergency services", FINE, as you are entitled to your own opinions, and your so smart. If Bloomies are going to let a corrupt city govt. in collusion with mega corporate developers steal our public 25 acre McMillan Park, and accept "so called entitlement "approval" processes of obvious conflict of interest and FALSE TESTIMONY under Oath, fine! But,"nobdyhomeupstairs", doesn't that endanger all of us, our children? These are the DC Fire Officials and drivers who recently (March 11, 2019) killed DeAngelo Green on Rhode Island Avenue, father of 6 children, and injured a pregnant woman, when DC fire Truck sped out of control through the intersection reported by Fox 5 news, "Soon after, officers informed her the man who was killed was her husband.
"It would've been our two-year anniversary in July. He would've been 32 in May. He was coming from a meeting at his job. It wasn't supposed to be like this," she told FOX 5.Green leaves behind six children, and a lesson for his oldest son. "I gotta raise my brother to be a man, like how he taught me to be a man and take care of myself," said Da'mon Thomas. Coles-Green says she hopes to soon find out exactly what happened the day of the crash.Paul Wagner reports it is unclear if the brake issues that led to the October 2015 crash are related to Friday's crash. "My husband's life was lost and I want answers, and I'm not going to stop until I get them," Coles-Green said.

Bloomingdale protect your homes and families, help us in the community fight for McMillan 25 acre historic site, outdoor recreational green space, help found

DC McMillan Olmsted Central Park, mcMillan Park conservancy

nobodyhomehere said...

Daniel, your comments are personally insulting to me. I'm shocked they are allowed to remain on this board.

nobodyhomehere said...

Scott Roberts, please reconsider allowing Daniel Wolkoff's long, rambling posts and hateful speech on this blog and in your daily newsletter. He's certainly been given enough opportunity to express his views.

Kevin Rapp said...

Nobodyhomehere, thank you for your posts. Rather than asking for Daniel to be removed, please help address the issues he brings up that are relevant.

Daniel, "open space, breezy picnics on the lawn, concerts, safe biking for the kids, July Fourth fireworks, and numerous other park related public amenities", are all outcomes of the Vision McMillan plan.

In regards to, "developers steal our public 25 acre McMillan Park". Unless you consider a tree lined perimeter walkway around a 25 acre industrial site covered with 2,100 manholes to be a park, the sand filtration site was never a park.

Frederick Olmsted Jr. was tasked with beautifying the industrial sand filtration site as well as making the reservoir on the west side of 1st st into a park. (This idea of overlooking the formal plain from a perimeter path, rather than allowing public access on the plain, was based on Olmsted's recognition of the dangerous condition created by hundreds of open manholes across the plains. Records indicate that between three and four acres of manholes would be open at any given time to provide light and air to the workers that were cleaning the sand in the filter beds below. Olmsted was so concerned about this condition that he thought it was, "perhaps inexpedient to admit the public to the use of the plain even upon a fenced path." In addition to safety issues, Olmsted was also aware of the detrimental effects the roots of the tress could have on the concrete substructure.)

nobodyhomehere said...

You are probably right, Unknown, but I don't have the energy to deal with Mr. Wolkoff. As a learned at a young age, it is best to not engage the angry man on the soapbox unless you have nothing better to do. I've got better ways to spend my time.