Tuesday, April 23, 2019

Urban Turf: 160 Adams St NW and 36 Channing St NW -- back up for another DHCD auction

So the deal with Howard University acquiring these two DHCD properties and converting them into workforce housing fell through.

For newcomers – 160 Adams Street NW and 36 Channing Street NW are former Hofgard houses that were acquired by DHCD.  These two properties were part of the District’s Vacant to Vibrant program.

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DC Prepares for Another Vacant Property Auction

·        April 23, 2019

As part of DC's Department of Housing and Community Development's (DHCD) commitment to clear its backlog of vacant properties, the agency is preparing for another online auction.              

Next month, DHCD and Alex Cooper Auction House will make ten properties available for the public to bid on, all with the intention of putting the unused sites on the path to be developed into workforce housing. Last year, 33 vacant and blighted houses, small buildings and unimproved lots were auctioned, grossing $123 million for the city.

Each site has an initial deposit of $5,000 and the bidding will open at $20,000. The bidding opens May 10th. The properties are:
·        Unimproved Lot(s):

·        1227 47th Place NE (map)
·        5033 Meade Street SE (map)
·        4296 25th Place NE (map)
·        5308 E Street SE (map)
·        62-64 Forrester Street SW (map)

·        Vacant Houses/Buildings:

·        635 Emerson Street NE (map)
·       160 Adams Street NW (map)
·   36 Channing Street NW (map)
·        1132 Columbia Road NW (map)
·        1422 Shepherd Street NW (map)

160 Adams Street NW

36 Channing Street NW

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