Saturday, September 14, 2019

DC Court of Appeals response to the emergency injunction to halt the demolition activities underway at McMillan

Sent: Saturday, September 14, 2019 1:56 AM
Subject: [WARD5]
McMillan Park :: 18-AA-500 & 501 Reply in support of emergency injunction 
Reply in support of an emergency injunction to stop the demolition activities currently underway at McMillan Park.                     

Mr. Racine apparently works for the Mayor. The Executive has captured the "People's Prosecutor" regarding development impacts. 



DC for Reasonable Development



  1. Scott - this isn’t a response from the court. This is just a nonsensical brief by Dan Wolkoff Otten. Do you even read these things that are sent along to you before you post? Seriously; this is a joke.

    1. directives of this Court.
      "Thus, as long as legal obstacles to the completion of the entire project remain,
      demolition of historic structures on the Filtration Complex will not be consistent with the
      purposes of the Historic Preservation Act. One remaining legal obstacle is the on-going
      appeal of the Zoning Commission’s approval of the PUD application for the project. Until
      that appeal and any other obstacles to the applicant's ability to complete the project are
      resolved, the applicants may not commence demolition.”
      Page 52 of DCCA decision on Friends of McMillan Park vs Mayor's Agent Peter Byrne
      (DMPED) petition for review of appeal stated:

  2. Petty clear you and the tat of your NIMBY friends are the problem here Scooter.

    1. RIA and 13th NE, 2000 units, $56 million in incentive tax breaks, RIA at the metro 1500 units, Armed Forces Retirement Home 81 acres of massive development, with 5000 parking spaces. So why no regional transit planning up North Capitol. Bowser will just keep shoe horning in massive development and handing out millions of our tax dollar to corporate greed for luxury and the rich. Now HU East will clear cut a 23 acre forest and crowd the site at 14th and Taylor, a perfect Brookland park. This is irresponsible theft of our quality of life, and much more air pollution and traffic, for her developer controllers. Save McMillan Park, join the sane!