Tuesday, September 10, 2019

DC for Reasonable Development: "Lead DC Attorney Karl Racine Continues to Ignore Illegal Demolition at McMillan Park; Racine Interrupted at Georgetown University Forum"

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Press Update: Lead DC Attorney Karl Racine Continues to Ignore Illegal Demolition at McMillan Park; Racine Interrupted at Georgetown University Forum


PRESS UPDATE: DC For Reasonable Development,  (202) 656-5874

Lead DC Attorney Karl Racine Continues to Ignore Illegal Demolition at McMillan Park; Racine Interrupted at Georgetown University Forum

Washington, DC -- Early morning on Tuesday, September 10, 2019, at a Georgetown University forum on unfair wages for construction workers in DC, the first-elected Attorney General Karl Racine was interrupted and protested for ignoring requests to meet them about McMillan Park, a national historic landmark at 1st and Michigan Avenue, NW.

Demonstrators asked Mr. Racine "why he was ignoring" DC residents asking him to intervene in the illegal demolition activities at McMillan Park. See twitter posts with videos of the demonstration against the Attorney General here >> https://mobile.twitter.com/dc4reality/status/117146926408927641

Today's demonstration follows on from a series of attempts by McMillan supporters asking Mr. Racine to stop Mayor Bowser's push to permanently destroy the cultural historic assets at McMillan Park.

Over the past two weeks, Park supporters:
    • First sent emails, then put out press releases >> http://www.dcfeedback.com/fit2print/uncategorized/294
    • Then supporters put in a round of calls and then visited his office with letter in hand >> https://www.facebook.com/grace.mcclain.25/videos/10157425168077317/

At each juncture, Mr. Racine chose to completely ignore DC residents inquiring about the illegal demolition at McMillan Park, with Racine actively rebuffing requests that he step in to stop it before its too late.

Meanwhile, Mayor Bowser is publicly stating there is no demolition happening at the Park. "District officials insist there's no demolition work underway at McMillan site" >> https://www..bizjournals.com/washington/news/2019/08/27/district-officials-insist-theres-no-demolition.html

During a lull in the protest today, Mr Racine said, "He will check his calendar" and get back to the demonstrators.  McMillan Park supporters have yet to hear anything since.


photos credit: Ward 5 residents, Daniel Wolkoff & Paul Cerutti


  1. go here for all working links >>

  2. Scott supports these obstructionists that have kept this development from moving forward and providing community space for neighbors. Thanks Scott!

    1. Please send your email to Karl Racine. He needs to know that he has tremendous support from residents here and that the activists represent only a handful of people compared with those who really want this place to be built!

  3. This is obviously the excavation work that is required for historic preservation, NOT demolition. Scott needs to stop supporting Chris Otten and the NIMBYs. As someone who lives on Bryant 1 block away. BUILD THIS and get a true park, community center, stores and yes more people in this neighborhood!!

  4. THANK YOU! THANK YOU for speaking up. Please come to the MAG meeting on Sept 12th so we can be heard. The falsehoods they are trying to spread shows just how desperate they are.

  5. To date, nothing has been demolished. Unless... your definition of demolition means removal of dirt and grass.

    I have watched the work daily. The workers have taken great care to not damage any of the existing man made structures.

    The individuals who are claiming illegal demolition work has started are weakening their credibility by issuing these false accusations.

    1. They also removed weeds and vines growing up the sand storage bins, with development opponents claiming this was a sign of defoliating the park.


    2. Right. The removal was necessary to restore the sand bins/silos; all of which have been incorporated into the planned development design and will remain on site.

      To note, as a part of restoration work, the contractor even found and used the same company in Ohio, which is still in business, that provided the original roof tiles ~ 1908 for the roofed buildings on site.

  6. Scott- Thank you for sharing all of the news about our community, even if it is something we may not be interested in or even disagree with.

    As a teetotaler, I especially appreciate you sharing the latest events about beer week and other alcohol related events.

  7. Well put, Anon. Thank you Scott for continuing to give our community an updated forum to learn and interact.

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  9. thanks for the increased air pollution, already unhealthy and the dangerous traffic congestion, please keep alert ambulances and firetrucks in on coming lane,,,hope the child asthma rate and cancer don't get too much worse. Kevin,Nate and Nobodyhomeupstairs, get Rock Creek Park developed next, we are a just a comondity in NE.

  10. Daniel, you are correct that childhood asthma can be caused by pollution.

    In addition, you may want to consider that Childhood asthma is also caused by pollen from grasses and weeds that finds its way indoors as well as mold. 26 acres of often unmanaged grass and weeds, sitting on top of 26 acres of mold likely causes a significant increase to the potential for childhood asthma for those living in close proximity to the Filtration Complex.

    You are correct that increased traffic is a serious issue without any notable resolutions.

  11. Kevin, my good buddy, and WHOSE FAULT was that, fence it, waste $9.3 million, fiscal malfeasance, pollen, mold, "theft of enjoyment", and keeping the black people of DC out of the park, for 78 years, restricting them from housing (see Sarah Shoenfeld), and colluding to relegate this magical 25 acre green space from public memory for corrupt development deals. Successive DC administrations did a good job, colluding with well heeled "insider" development conglomerate to steal the land from the people of DC. Not bad!!!!!!ASSIGN SOME BLAME dummies."question authority" like your hippie parents did, YUPPIES!You will live in a traffic jam with no adequate urban planning, and suffer,it is idiotic and you are a commodity, get it? Its not a govt.it is piranha feeding off the public taxpayer.

  12. Daniel, I don't understand some of your comments. The filtration site and reservoir were fenced in because of World War II-era fear of sabotage of the DC water supply. Once the security fence went up, nobody wanted to be responsible for taking it down because of continued fear someone would poison the water. It was fully fenced when the Army Corps of Engineers sold the property to DC in 1987, allowing only a lot of rabbits, squirrels and rats to roam around.