Friday, September 27, 2019

DC for Reasonable Development: McMillan pro se filing - chides Mayor's Agent on historic preservation

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See the Pro se appellants briefs chiding the Mayor's Agent for obviating basic preservation law.  Our pending claims are still alive no matter what Karl Racine and Mayor Muriel Bowser believe . . . and their condoning of the demolition activities at our park will be held to account.

Here's your District of Columbia Mayor's Agent >>

Jerome Peloquin and Daniel Wolkoff, members of McMillan Coalition for Sustainable Agriculture, the McMillan Conservancy, and Friends of Lincoln’s Cottage testified in person, chiding the Mayor's Agent for ignoring the covenants:

Many alternative plans conform to the secretary's standards which prohibit demolition and subdivision as required in the deed. The VMP plan does not conform to the restrictions of the covenants which runs with the land. No one can unilaterally change the restrictions.

Oral testimony, Daniel Wolkoff, Mayor’s Agent Transcript dated September 18, 2019, at page 231.
[I]n what appears to be an egregious and callous demonstration of indifference, Mr. Byrne bragged in an open hearing, on the record, that he had never read the covenants.These covenants which are appended to the federal deed to the City, from the City to the government, the guidelines deny modification, these guidelines deny modification of the site in any way, and prohibit demolition of its historical artifacts.

Oral testimony, Jerome Peloquin, Mayor’s Agent Transcript dated September 18, 2019, at page 220-221.

Let's keep this fight going, DO ANYTHING BUT STOP!

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